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Training, coaching and mentoring bootcamp until you get the job

Immersive technologies - like virtual and augmented reality - are transforming industries like games, film, TV, architecture, and live events. The metaverse is coming and that means there's going to be a real demand for skilled, passionate and diverse talent - and the salaries are good too. Our bootcamps have been designed to train coders, artists and designers to secure these well-paid jobs with future-proofed companies - and the best part is that your full fees are only payable when you're hired.

Your job is our priority

Traditional courses are about teaching you skills. This bootcamp is about getting you a job. We will help you identify the right roles and industry for you, personalise your pathway, and support you until your first day in your new career. 

You only pay when you're hired

Uniquely we offer jobseekers the chance to pay their full fees if and only when you get a job. That’s our way of making sure that finance isn’t a blocker to opportunity, and letting you know that we’re in this together.

You don’t need to learn alone

It’s easy to access learning content online. We put a team of people around you to help with the hard part, like structure, feedback, accountability, motivation, focus and human support.

Train in the industry of tomorrow

We are authorised training partners for Unity and Unreal. Our mentors are certified instructors. Our bootcamps have been designed with hiring companies. Most of all, we are training people for the jobs and world of the future. 

We make you two promises when you join this bootcamp. One - if it’s not for you, you can drop out in the first 30 days and pay nothing. Two - we guarantee supporting you until your first day in your new career.

Perri Lewis
CEO, Mastered