Industry-led training for the games, screen and immersive industries

Games and other creative industries have experienced remarkable growth in recent times and are some of the most dynamic and innovative sectors in the UK. But for these industries to accelerate further, there's a real need for skilled, passionate and diverse talent. 

Our bootcamps and training programmes have been designed to train and upskill coders, artists, producers, creators, leaders and managers to thrive in this new world - and the best part, much of our training whether you're looking for your first job or you're a studio looking to upskill your internal talent, is funded by the government.


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Tailored to skills gaps

Our industry-first approach is built around identifying the latest skills needs and gaps - and adjusting our learning journeys and wraparound support to suit. 

Specialist in immersive industries

Our interest and passion lies in immersive and screen industries, like games, XR, VFX and film. We are authorised training partners for industry-standard tools like Unity, Unreal, Houdini and Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya - and our mentors are typically certified instructors. 

Mentor-led training, at scale

It's easy to access learning content online but completion and engagement rates can be low. Our team of mentors and coaches work to ensure the right goals are set, training is structured, valuable feedback is provided, and learners are motivated and focused - all delivered at a scale that the industry requires.

Free or heavily-subsidised

Investing in training and learning can be costly but as approved providers of Skills Bootcamps, nationally and regionally, we can provide quality, well-structured, funded-training to eligible individuals and studios. 



Upskill, reskill or specialise

The immersive industries provide opportunities for artists or programmers, in industries as diverse as film, TV, games and XR/VR. If you're looking to change industries, choose from a bootcamp below (employers can contact us for details of bespoke training we can provide). 


Games programmer

Your chance to write the code, the rules, and the logic that make video games playable.


3D artist

Gain the skills to create realistic props and assets for games, virtual reality, film, TV, VFX, and architecture studios.


Technical artist

Learn to build tools, develop shaders, and use visual scripting


Games/QA tester

Develop in-demand game testing skills that will help you standout.


Games VFX

Learn Houdini and master in-demand VFX skills.


Unity developer

Specialise in Unity and break into multiple realtime 3D industries.


Unreal developer

Unreal Engine experts command high salaries across many industries.


XR/VR developer

Make a career developing applications and solutions for VR, AR or MR platforms.

The creative industry in the UK is a global success story and at the heart of that success is the talent and skills we have here. Our mission is simple - train the talent the creative industry needs.

Perri Lewis
CEO, Mastered

Created with the industry, for the industry

 We consult extensively with hiring managers, recruiters, and senior industry leaders to focus on the skills and capabilities the industry needs and we constantly adapt and tailor our curriculum to fit your needs.

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"There are a lot of interesting people on the course with fantastic ideas and incredible abilities. As someone who enjoys making things happen, I loved being connected to other people, whereby I could help out on their projects too, and we could work together to create something bigger & better."
Development manager (alumni)
"The team at Mastered is just amazing. I was working a full-time job and was going through a tough time mentally, but they were so patient with any issues I had and pushed me to find a way around problems in ways I never thought about."
Technical artist (alumni)
"My time at Mastered has been nothing but fantastic. I came into Mastered with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever, to taking on the role of a Technical Game Designer within just the span of 5-6 months, thanks to the help of my mentors!"
Games developer (alumni)

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