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Training, coaching and mentoring bootcamp until you get the job

Immersive technologies - like virtual and augmented reality - are transforming industries like games, film, TV, architecture, and live events. The metaverse is coming and that means there's going to be a real demand for skilled, passionate and diverse talent - and the salaries are good too. Our bootcamps have been designed to train coders, artists and designers to secure these well-paid jobs with future-proofed companies - and the best part is that your full fees are only payable when you're hired.


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Your job is our priority

Traditional courses are about teaching you skills. This bootcamp is about getting you a job. We will help you identify the right roles and industry for you, personalise your pathway, and support you until your first day in your new career. 

Pay from future earnings

Uniquely we offer jobseekers the chance to pay their full fees if and only when you get a job. That’s our way of making sure that finance isn’t a blocker to opportunity, and letting you know that we’re in this together.

You don’t need to learn alone

It’s easy to access learning content online. We put a team of people around you to help with the hard part, like structure, feedback, accountability, motivation, focus and human support.

Train in the industry of tomorrow

We are authorised training partners for Unity and Unreal. Our mentors are certified instructors. Our bootcamps have been designed with hiring companies. Most of all, we are training people for the jobs and world of the future. 


Choose the path to build your next successful career

The immersive industries provide opportunities for artists or programmers, in industries as diverse as film, TV, games and XR/VR. Choose from a bootcamp below to start your journey or contact us if you're not sure. 


XR/VR developer

Make a career developing applications and solutions for VR, AR or MR platforms.


Unreal developer

Unreal Engine experts command high salaries across many industries.


Unity developer

Specialise in the Unity platform and become a sought-after hire.


Real-time artist

For creators who are skilled in 3D but want to learn real-time to open new careers.


Games programmer

Your chance to write the code, the rules, and the logic that make video games playable.


3D modeller

Gain the skills to create realistic props and assets for games, virtual reality, film and TV, VFX, and architecture studios.

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3D animator

Master the must-have skills for the various departments in the animation pipeline.


Games tester

Develop in-demand game testing skills that you will need to succeed in your career.

We make you two promises when you join this bootcamp. One - if it’s not for you, you can drop out in the first 14 days and pay nothing. Two - if you put in the effort, we guarantee you a job interview.

Perri Lewis
CEO, Mastered

Created with the industry, for the industry

 We consult extensively with hiring managers, recruiters, and senior industry leaders to focus on the skills and capabilities the industry needs and we constantly adapt and tailor our curriculum to fit the job and career that is your goal.

Where our graduates are placed

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"There are a lot of interesting people on the course with fantastic ideas and incredible abilities. As someone who enjoys making things happen, I loved being connected to other people, whereby I could help out on their projects too, and we could work together to create something bigger & better."
Development manager (alumni)
"The team at Mastered is just amazing. I was working a full-time job and was going through a tough time mentally, but they were so patient with any issues I had and pushed me to find a way around problems in ways I never thought about."
Technical artist (alumni)
"My time at Mastered has been nothing but fantastic. I came into Mastered with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever, to taking on the role of a Technical Game Designer within just the span of 5-6 months, thanks to the help of my mentors!"
Games developer (alumni)

Now is the time to launch your career building new 3D worlds.