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Join this six-month career accelerator for fashion stylists and get the support, feedback and network you need to succeed. 

Starts April 2019

Six months support

Mentoring and coaching
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4,400 alumni network
95 different countries

Get better clients. Tell better stories. Get better work

You chose a challenging path, don’t make it one you’re walking alone. You want industry feedback on the work you create, personal support as you develop, and an insider's insight and understanding of how to progress your career further into the world of fashion styling. Take this chance to translate all your hard work into success. Make your potential count.

How it works

Mastered accelerators are a completely new way to support fashion stylists. The six month experience takes place online and in-person. You'll get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, personal coaching, and an exclusive event in London. 

See how it works

Feedback and personal coaching

The backbone of the accelerator are monthly mentoring calls from industry insiders who are matched to you and your needs. Every call has a written follow-up and clear next steps for you.

Each month you will also get a session with a performance coach. They will help you translate what you are learning into action and lasting change for you personally and professionally.

Insight from industry icons

After each call, you will receive tailored content specific to your challenges and goals, to support you with what you need to do to take the next step forward. 

You will also have access to an exclusive video library, featuring insight and advice from industry insiders who are working and succeeding in the industry today.

Photographer:: Grazyna Gudejko

Hair: Christina Kolovos

Makeup: Fajer Fadjel

Makeup: Elisabeth Peclard

Styling: Tania Dioespirro

Art director: Nancy Herrmann

Grazyna Gudejko, Photography: Mastered, shot at Mastered Live Croatia

Online and in-person

The experience is designed to come to you and fit around your professional career. You can access the materials anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. 

But this is more than just an online course. As well as your monthly calls, you will also be invited to Mastered Live, an unforgettable weekend of learning and creativity hosted in London, with the opportunity to meet mentors and get in-person feedback.

A network of opportunity

You will join a global pool of curated talent to network and collaborate with - photographers, art directors and makeup artists who can help you create work that gets noticed. With over 4,400 in our alumni community, this is a community of fashion and beauty professionals like no other. 

Put your talent to work

Enrol in a Mastered accelerator and you'll learn from the best in the industry, and get the feedback and opportunities you need.

In three years, we've delivered 20 accelerators, received 50,000 applications, and enrolled 4,400 professionals, from 95 countries. See what makes the accelerator popular.

Meet the experts

In your content library, you’ll get high-quality knowledge, insight and advice from industry leaders who understand your market and challenges. Here’s a selection of lead experts on the 2018 fashion styling accelerator (note - expert lineup for 2019 subject to change).

Fabien Baron
Alastair McKimm
Fashion director, i-D Magazine
Fabien Baron
Fabien Baron
Creative director
Fabien Baron
B. Åkerlund
Fashion activist, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & Madonna
Fabien Baron
Judy Blame
Fashion stylist & art director, Comme des Garçons & Louis Vuitton
Fabien Baron
Karen Clarkson
Fashion stylist, FKA Twigs, V, Interview & DAZED
Fabien Baron
Jaime Perlman
Creative director, Vogue UK
Fabien Baron
Anna Trevelyan
Fashion stylist and Fashion director, MACHINE-A
Fabien Baron
Andrew Davis
Fashion stylist, Wonderland, Rollacoaster & British GQ

An experience tailored to your goals

We’ve developed this accelerator to help you become this new breed of creative and claim your place in the industry of the future. Take a look at what topics you could cover with your mentor. 

Your aesthetic & public profile

Success starts with setting the right goals for you. We'll help you work out who you are as a creative and define the fashion magazines and brand clients who are right for you and what you want to achieve.

Creative process & trends

Once you’ve defined your voice and unique signature as an artist, refine your process so that you can deliver consistently, while putting your own stamp on any project.

Fashion fundamentals

Learn the fundamental skills needed to adapt your craft across the industry. You’ll discover how to work with the titles and brands that align with your goals, so they book you - and rebook you.

Future fashion

In a world with an ever increasing number of channels to create for, considering yourself as a creative director, not just a fashion stylist, will enable you to forge a sustainable and relevant career.

Your brand and career ahead

Working with your mentor, you’ll learn how to promote yourself, how to present your work and how to thrive in today's ever-changing industry. You’ll understand how to plan your career, so you can continue to do more of the kind of work you love.

Case Study: Sasha Troshchynska and i-D

Mastered and legendary art director Fabien Baron joined forces to get emerging talent to collaborate in the first collaborative brief of the 2017 accelerators. 

Stylist Sasha Troshchynska and her team produced one of the images that was selected to be featured in i-D. 

Photography Renee Bevan. Styling Sasha Troshchynska. Art Direction Ciaraleaf Meaney. Hair Levi Monarch. Make-up Andrew Colvin. Model Kira Fox at Silent Models.

What some of our 4,400 alumni say


“My mentor offers great criticism and thoughtful insights. She was able to cut through my work and see me as a stylist and person. I can't say enough good things about her. For once in a long time I feel clarity and passion for my next steps. ”

Kelly Kruthaupt

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered 2017


“What I'm loving the most is the way the accelerator make me think about my own work, about my methodology and creativity. The videos with all the experts talking about the fashion industry and their personal career are really useful. Also all the references are really interesting.”

Tânia Dioespirro

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered 2017


“I love meeting new creatives who struggle with the same challenges that I face myself.”

Mariliin Saar

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered 2017


“Every piece of feedback and advice my mentor has given me were right on point with the questions I had and she has been able to steer me in other ways of reaching possible opportunities. This accelerator has been worth the journey.”

Jade Ashley Rabut
Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered 2017

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