We craft professional development experiences fit for the future of work.

Our working lives are changing, more quickly than at any other time in history. Companies are being disrupted. The job for life has gone. Traditional roles are at risk of automation. New skills are still emerging.   

In this new era, continuous learning has never been more important. As artificial intelligence accelerates, so too must our human emotional intelligence. We believe that overwhelm, confusion and anxiety can be turned into curiosity, optimism and creativity with the right support. But we need professional development that is more frequent, more flexible, more personal, more human, and more delightful. 

Since 2015, Mastered Studios has worked with micro-business owners right through to large corporations -  to create learning experiences that help talented people to do their best work. We are only just getting started. 

A multidisciplinary team building workplace accelerators and bootcamps that drive genuine behaviour change.

We bring together learning experience designers, coaches, product managers, developers, customer success managers, producers and editors, to work with our partners to create high impact experiences that help people grow their careers. 

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Learning production

A team of experience designers, writers, video producers and editors are at the heart of our service. Whether it is video, an event for 200 people, a podcast, or an infographic case study, this team is responsible for devising and delivering knowledge in the right format, at the right time.

Platform team

Platform and technology

The platform team is made up of software engineers, product managers and UX and UI design. Together they are responsible for building the digital tools that our professionals and experts use every day. They work closely with the other teams to create an experience that brilliantly brings together all the different services.



Coaching and mentoring

Our global network of coaches and mentors are there with our professionals every step of the way during their accelerator and beyond, listening, guiding, holding them to account and giving them the personal support they need to progress.



Having created our own courses since 2012, we are able to handle all aspects of the admissions process, from positioning, branding, marketing, lead generation, participant interviews and selection, all the way through to taking fees and handling payment plan collections.

The services we offer to build your accelerator:

Learning and experience design 

Admissions and finance

Curriculum development and experts 

Content production

Live experiences 

Coach and mentor management 

Community and networks 



Reporting and evaluation 

Legacy and alumni

How we help drive performance

Helping people thrive at work is not easy. Our accelerators and bootcamps take an interdisciplinary approach, borrowing from startups, psychology, communications and education. Our behaviour change model is built around an unique blend of content, coaching, community and digital tools.

Inspirational insight

A core part of every Mastered accelerator are high-quality videos, articles and resources from leading industry figures. The content you receive is closely tied to the support you need after coaching and mentoring calls. 

Purposeful practice

Watching videos alone doesn't drive behavior change. We believe in putting learning into practice and helping you do the real tasks you need to do to move forward.

One-to-one attention

With so many different things you could do, you need to know you are focusing on the right things. Success flows from taking action and then getting immediate feedback to know you're on track. 

Reflection and reinforcement

The hardest part of personal development is turning what you know into habits and behaviours. We use performance coaches and digital tools to ensure what you learn lasts. 
A future of good work for all will require... an agile mindset and lifelong learning
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