We started Mastered to help the new breed of fashion talent get the opportunities they need to succeed.

The fashion industry is changing. The old ways of doing things are breaking down. We see a new generation of talent emerging. They no longer need to come from a traditional fashion capital. They think and act digital-first. They build their own networks. They work on their mindset as well as their skills. Since we launched in 2015, Mastered has been committed to helping this new breed of global talent do more of the work they love.

Meet the new breed


A cross-discipline team dedicated to helping our global community accelerate

To deliver our 10-month accelerators - that blend online and in-person learning, with feedback, coaching and opportunities - we have a team of 60 people based in East London dedicated to solving the challenge of helping you and your business grow. 

Meet the team



Our admissions team are professionals’ first contact with Mastered. With many having backgrounds or side projects in the creative industries, they review all the applications we receive, interview all candidates and help professionals know if the accelerator is right for them.


Learning design

A team of video producers, editors, writers and experience designers come together to create and deliver the 10-month accelerator professionals enjoy. Whether it is video, a case study, infographics or a practical task, this team is responsible for devising and delivering knowledge in the right format, at the right time.

Talent and community management

Our talent and community managers are there with our professionals every step of the way over the ten-months and beyond, answering their questions, keeping them engaged, and helping them get the best out of the accelerator from the moment they enrol.


Industry and partnerships

Coming from a range of backgrounds in fashion and beauty, this team is our connection to industry. They devise the curriculum, identify the right people to work with, inspire them to get involved, support them to share great feedback, and secure opportunities, partnerships, and exposure for our network.


Platform and technology

The platform team is made up of software engineers, product managers and UX and UI design. Together they are responsible for building the classroom and digital tools that our professionals and experts use every day. They work closely with the other teams to create a platform that professionals love using.

The values we work by

Do your best work

Never stop learning

Learn by doing

Adapt quickly

Push the train

Be gutsy

Embrace feedback

Cut the crap

Rise together

Do well by doing good

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How we develop talent

We’ve learned a lot in three years about what professionals in fashion need and how they should be nurtured and supported to reach their goals in a tough and competitive industry. Here are the four principles we devise the accelerators by:

Learn by doing

Watching videos passively doesn't drive behavior change. We believe in putting learning into practice and helping you do the real tasks you need to do to move forward.

One-to-one support

We all learn differently. Have our own ambitions. Face different blockers. This is why our approach emphasises goal setting, regular feedback from industry, mentoring and a digital journal to track your personal progress.

A growth mindset

Having the best technical skills and ideas won't guarantee success. Success flows from having the right mentality to collaborate, communicate and overcome challenges. Personal coaching is a key part of our methodology.

Behaviour change

We borrow from agile software development, experience design, sports psychology, coaching models and anything else that can help us enable transformational behaviour change amongst talented professionals.