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We launch the careers of talented, ambitious and diverse creators passionate about building new worlds

We’ve been supporting creators at work since 2015.  Right now, it feels harder than ever to make a living from what you love. Too many have lost their jobs during the Covid pandemic. Freelance work is precarious. Automation and digital disruption threatens more jobs. We are all looking for more meaning at work, more flexibility, more freedom, and more balance. We’re all reaching for the reset button. 

For creators looking for a career change, we believe interactive 3D offers a route to better work. Creative work. Well-paid work. Future-proofed work. Flexible work. Remote-work. Meaningful work that can shape the world.

These are jobs that need to be filled now and offer a route to the digital careers of the future. Amongst the many difficulties of today, we're designing these new bootcamps in the hope and belief of better work tomorrow. 




A new kind of school for a new post-digital era

We don’t just teach the technical skills that employers need right now. Or connect you with a mentor who can tell you all about the job you want. Or coach you to improve your confidence and raise your ambitions. Or help you find lifelong collaborators. Or keep you on track with your job search. We do all of these things.

First day at job-1

Our focus is your first day in industry

We are not in this to help you pass an exam. Everything from how your daily experience will mirror the world of work, to the career coach you’ll work with, to the skills you learn, the tools you use, and the people you collaborate with is geared towards getting a job and setting you up for success from your first day at work onwards. 

Human led

Tech-enabled and human-led

There really is no end to brilliant free learning content or cheap courses out there. We pick up where these resources end, providing you with the human support to give you feedback, to hold you accountable, to keep you motivated, and to deal with all the difficult human challenges, like low confidence, that comes with changing careers.

flexible experience 1

Personal, flexible, memorable experiences

There are many career paths and even more learning styles and personal life situations. Our experiences have been designed to take this into account, so you can train from wherever you are in the world, adapt the schedule and set the career path that’s right for you.

Mavericks new

For the mavericks and outsiders

We’ve made a career of not fitting in and we’ve made a bootcamp for people who are the same. The world is magnificent in its diversity and industry needs new voices, creators and storytellers, which is why we work hard to open doors to those who have been shut out for too long. 

Our philosophy


Our focus is your career, not our course. 

You can be an artist and an engineer.

Unreasonable commitment is the admissions criteria.

You need skills to survive, and a great mindset to thrive. 

Collaboration is the enabler of success. 

We are all experts and novices. 


Now is the time to build the new normal in the world of work

Our lives and loves, families and friends, work and well-being have been challenged like never before in recent times. However hard it may seem right now, we believe that from challenge can come growth. Our interest in interactive 3D is in its potential to not just help creators find good jobs, but also as a chance to reshape our future at work. 

More secure, better paid work

The gig economy is unparalleled freedom for some, and underpaid, precarious work to others. Working in 3D offers opportunities for full-time work, long-term project contracts, short intensive highly lucrative commitments, and everything in-between. The stronger your portfolio, the better rate you will command, and the more security you'll have. 

More creative and fun work

Interactive 3D is ultimately a creative pursuit, whether you're an artist or a programmer. You'll need to devise new stories, imagine new worlds, invent from a blank piece of paper and express your own ideas. Creative jobs are rare and 3D is an emerging discipline, with almost limitless potential to morph and grow into one of the defining creative tools of our time. 

More purpose and impactful work

Game artists are creating new social narratives. Architects are changing how communities interact. Car designers are rethinking how we travel. VR developers are building for empathy. We are most excited by the fact that the creators building 3D worlds have the possibility to create new narratives for a new world. 

More opportunities for all

We want to ensure that the people creating the new world represent the people that will inhabit it. The future belongs to creators, regardless of their age, gender, geography, family situation, or learning style. Brands, clients and companies are demanding 'newness' and we're sure that diversity and inclusion is the answer.

The best way to predict your future is to create it
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA