You bring the dream and effort. We provide the training - completely free.

Quality games need quality testing. Testers can often be the biggest department in any studio. But too often, testers lack the rigorous training, and the right tools or skills to do their job. This bootcamp is out to change that. 

We're on a mission to develop the world's best games testing talent, through an intensive bootcamp that will take your skills and knowledge much, much further than the usual course - so when the time comes to look for a job, you're the most in-demand candidate out there. 


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average starting salary for game testers*


growth in job demand since 2020

*National Careers Service

Advanced skills and topics.

Our bootcamps are designed in close collaboration with employers to identify the most highly rated skills and knowledge that you'll need to succeed.

Standout from the competition.

There is no shortage of QA jobs - but no shortage of candidates either.  This Skills Bootcamp has been designed to make you an outstanding candidate, for both hard technical skills and soft career skills.

Get an interview. Not just do a course.

The goal of most schools is to get you to complete a course. The goal of this bootcamp is to teach, mentor, and coach you until you get an interview. We will help you identify the roles, industries and companies right for you and personalise your curriculum to your career. 

Train in the industry standard

Our pathways are designed after a rigorous analysis of the jobs market and in partnership with employers. You will be set work that helps you learn and hone the necessary skills required for your dream job.


A meaningful career as a QA in games starts here

The role of a games tester is hugely rewarding, and offers the potential for a long career in quality assurance, with clear progress into senior or lead roles, as well as more specialist areas, like QA Analyst or QA Engineer, or even as a QA in other industries.

Our idea is more than just to help you find that first job. We will help you find the right job for you - where you can grow and excel at what you love to do the most.








The games industry continues to grow and is desperate for fresh, diverse talent with advanced game testing skills. This Skills Bootcamp has been designed to get you one of those jobs.

Perri Lewis
Co-founder and CEO, Mastered

Your journey ahead

The Skills Bootcamp is designed to mirror the real workplace. First, you will build the foundational technical skills to become a games tester. Then, our team will support you in building your confidence, researching and applying to the right roles, and being at your side whilst you interview and negotiate your future dream job. 


You’ll be connected to an industry expert who will assess your skills, identify your gaps, and work with you over the weeks to help you get up to speed. You will be set work that helps you learn and hone the necessary skills. If you get stuck, the technical support channel is always manned to get you unstuck.


Week by week, you will cover key aspects of game testing. You'll have materials to work through at your pace, and regular meetings with your mentor to review your progress and get feedback.

You will only move onto the next level when you have demonstrated your competencies. We move at your pace, not our schedule.

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There will be workshops and tasks to help you identify the roles, industries and companies that you are most suited for and give you the direction and focus you need, as well as projects that mirror the kind of work you’ll be doing in industry.  

Through sessions with peers, a private Slack group with technical support, and your own Success Manager, we will surround you with a community to learn with.



You will get a chance to meet working QA professionals and understand more about the day-to-day of the job.

Find your first job with support to write your CV and LinkedIn, prepare your portfolio, get ready for interview, and a push to get the very best job not just the first job that is offered to you.

As part of bootcamps, we organise an interview for you with one of our partners. You’ll take everything you’ve learnt and present your best self to a potential employer.

Get ready for your new future in games.


Built with industry, for industry

This QA tester bootcamp has been designed specifically to ensure you leave ready for the real world of work. Everything is aligned around the real jobs that the industry needs filling. 

Bringing the industry to you

In addition to being trained by industry experts, we host several experiences with game studios and insight events throughout your bootcamp, which is a great way to raise your profile in front of potential employers.

Curriculum designed for jobs

We consult extensively with hiring managers, recruiters and senior industry leads to ensure we focus on the skills and capabilities the industry needs. We constantly adapt and tailor the materials to fit the job and career that is your goal.

Created like a studio, not a school

Small groups, project-based learning, personal time management, ownership of your own goals, industry-standard communication tools, the bootcamp is designed to replicate the real world of work, so you can hit the ground running when you start your new career.

The career skills you'll need

We will give you technical skills training. As well, we will help you develop your soft skills, like communication, conflict management and attention to detail, which are crucial to your success as a QA.

Where our graduates are placed

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Marmalade landing
Mediacraft landing

Meet the team who will be in your corner until the first day in your new career.

You will have 1-to-1 and group video calls, live online classes, personal feedback, technical help and emotional support from a team of people invested in your success. 


Adam Devine   Linked in Adam Devine

Technical Instructor

I’ll assess your skill level, understand your career goals, then build a pathway for you to get you job-ready from a technical perspective. I’ll set you tasks to build your skills, give you feedback on how well you’ve executed the task and support you to build a project for your portfolio.


Ludo Credendino   Linked in Ysabel Legaspi

Success Manager

I’m here from day one of your bootcamp, to day one of your first job. I’ll make sure you are getting the most from the bootcamp at every stage, whether it be setting up your personalised schedule to sharing articles and events you might love.


Stephen Arthur   Linked in Michael Mark

Career Coach

I will make sure that when the time comes to apply for a job, you will be a standout candidate. Whether preparing for interviews, helping you negotiate, or keeping you motivated, I will be at your side throughout the whole experience.


Ezequiel Muñoz Ponce   Linked in Ezequiel Muñoz Ponce

Placement Manager

I’m here to support you in your job search and I will identify, implement and embed enhancement initiatives to improve your employment experience. I will liaise with employers to ensure you secure suitable placements. 

Over 5,000 creators from 95 different countries

We're proud of all the creative professionals, from every walk of life, who have been through one of our career accelerators since 2015. With our new games testing bootcamp, we want to continue this commitment to finding diverse voices and original talent who've been shut out for too long. You don't need a degree or previous work experience. Outsiders, misfits and changemakers need apply.

Alessandro Manghi
Alessandro Manghi
Unreal Engine Artist
Bruno Wilkinson
Bruno Wilkinson
Game Programmer
Kimberly Gyambibi
Kimberly Gyambibi
3D Visualizer
Ismail Aljanabi
Ismail Aljanabi
3D Technical Artist
Loretta Lok
Loretta Lok
Game Developer
Krisztian Bajko
Games programmer
Oskar Korbut
Oskar Korbut
Design Coordinator
Tara Cannon-Young
Tara Cannon-Young
Environment Designer
Srinath Upadhyayula
Srinath Upadhyayula
Software Engineer
Zilla Meetun
Zilla Meetun
Unreal Engine Developer
Yacob Reyneke
Yacob Reyneke
C++ Programmer
Mattia Grigolato
Mattia Grigolato
Unreal Generalist

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a completely-free bootcamp place, you must: 

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Live in England 
  • Demonstrate passion for games
  • Want to change jobs within 6 months
  • Be able to dedicate minimum 8 hours / week
  • Regular laptop/desktop, good internet

Government funding is available across different regions in England, with some counties having more free places than others. If you are not in an area where funding is available, our admissions team will guide you through different payment options, including where you pay nothing upfront and pay out of future earnings.

The Skills Bootcamp includes all of the following - 

  • Course materials
  • Private Slack group
  • Success manager
  • Mentor support
  • Job search support
  • Qualified instructor
  • Interview coaching
  • Live industry talks

Applications closed

We are sorry we do not have any more places available for this Skills Bootcamp and are not accepting any more applications.