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You chose a challenging path, don’t make it one you’re walking alone. You want industry feedback on the work you create, personal support as you develop, and an insider's insight and understanding of how to progress your career further into the fashion and session styling world.

Take this chance to put all your hard work into practice. To make your potential count.

Places are strictly limited to the most talented and committed to apply.

How it works

Mastered accelerators are a completely new model for talent development. The 10-month experience takes place online and in-person. You'll get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, performance coaching, industry opportunities, and the network you need to breakthrough.

See how it works

Photographer:: Grazyna Gudejko

Hair: Christina Kolovos

Makeup: Fajer Fadjel

Makeup: Elisabeth Peclard

Styling: Tania Dioespirro

Art director: Nancy Herrmann

Grazyna Gudejko, Photography: Mastered, shot at Mastered Live Croatia

Online and in-person

The accelerator materials are available online, so you can access them anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. The experience is designed to come to you and fit around your professional career.

But this is more than just an online course. You will also be invited to local meetups and to Mastered Live, a weekend of learning and creativity, hosted at a stunning global location, such as Iceland, Croatia or Canada.

Insight from industry leaders

Throughout the 10-months, you'll get high-quality video content featuring insights and advice from established experts, session stylists who are succeeding in the industry today, and the people you need to impress.

Combined with regular online Q&A sessions, their knowledge and insight will help you complete practical projects that you need to work on to move forward. 

One-to-one feedback and performance coaching

The backbone of the accelerator is regular feedback from industry insiders, to give you the direction you need to achieve your personal goals and attract the right kind of work.

In addition, you will get access to a performance coach who will help you act on this feedback, and hone the winning mentality you need to unlock your potential and grow personally and professionally. 

A network of opportunity

No one succeeds alone. Which is why you will join a global pool of makeup artists, stylists, photographers and art directors to network and collaborate with. Creative briefs set by industry legends will give you the stimulus to discover and work with local and international peers. 

Then it's time to put it all into action. We leverage our industry connections to provide opportunities for work and recognition from agents, beauty editors, commercial brands and more. 

Case study: Emma Diamond

Hear from hair salon manager, session stylist and creative director, Emma Diamond, as she explains how her Mastered experience helped her progress as a session stylist, and how it has impacted her salon and working life.

Meet the experts

At the heart of the accelerator is a handpicked cast of industry experts who will share their professional insight with you, some will mentor you and give you feedback on your work, and others will be scouting for the next big thing in session styling. Take a look at who has been on our previous hair accelerators.
Sam McKnight
Sam McKnight
Session stylist
Session stylist and Redken global creative director
Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha
Model & NOMAD MGMT brand director
Kathy Philips
Kathy Philips
International beauty director, Condé Nast Asia
Harry Josh
Harry Josh
Session stylist & creator of Harry Josh Pro Tools
Vittoria Filippi Gabardi
Vittoria Filippi Gabardi
Beauty editor, Vogue Italia
Arden Fanning
Arden Fanning
Contributing beauty editor, Vogue US
Zöe Irwin
Zöe Irwin
Session stylist & ghd UK brand ambassador

Your year ahead

We’ve developed this accelerator to help you become this new breed of creative and claim your place in the industry of the future. Take a look at what the next 10 months could hold.

Your aesthetic & public profile

The starting module of the accelerator is all about goals and your aesthetic. You'll be working out who you are as a creative and defining the fashion magazines and brand clients who are right for you and what you want to achieve – both on the accelerator, and in your career.

Creative process & trends

Once you’ve defined your voice and unique signature as an artist, refine your process so that you can deliver consistently, while putting your own stamp on any project.

Fashion fundamentals

In the previous module you will established your aesthetic; here you’ll learn the fundamental skills needed to adapt your craft across the industry. You’ll discover how to work with the titles and brands that align with your goals, so they book you - and rebook you.

Future fashion

Now you’ve learnt the fundamentals of fashion work and how to get it, here you’ll learn the next steps of bringing your craft to new, diverse audiences and building a reputation as a desirable, forward-thinking creative.

Your brand and career ahead

In this important final module, you’ll learn how to promote yourself, how to present your work and how to thrive in the industry and achieve your goals. You’ll understand how to plan your career, so you can continue to create and achieve your goals while remaining motivated, inspired and excited about your future.

Kathy Phillips opportunity

Mastered students took part in a masterclass with Condé Nast’s beauty director, Kathy Phillips. The entire team was sourced from the Mastered network, including the hair session stylist. The finished looks were shot by renowned beauty photographer Simon Emmett and featured in Vogue China.

What some of our 3,500 alumni say


Mastered woke me up when I started the program. I quit my job and started to pursue my dreams of session work.”

Jonathan Mason

Hair: Mastered alumni

"Mainly mastered had influenced my attitude. I feel more confident in my ideas, less afraid to stand out. I have been arranging more and more of my creative shoots and I am more confident that I really am meant to do this."

Ayoe Nissen

Hair: Mastered alumni and current accelerator professional


My Mastered program has really introduced me to a side of my industry I didn't know much about. I have new things to challenge me and I truly believe that always improves all areas of life in a positive way.

Kodi Beverlin

Hair: Mastered alumni

H.2 Emma 2.jpg

It has helped me to build a great relationship with people who I otherwise wouldn't have had access to, and exposed me to sides of the industry I didn't even know existed!

Emma Diamond

Hair: Mastered alumni

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From £550 per month
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