Image credit: Lunel Lacque, Nails: Mastered alumni

Nail techs, make 2019 count

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You chose a challenging path, don’t make it one you’re walking alone. You want industry feedback on the work you create, personal support as you develop, and an insider's insight and understanding of how to progress your career further into the fashion world.

Take this chance to put all your hard work into practice. To make your potential count.

Places are strictly limited to the most talented and committed to apply.

How it works

Mastered accelerators are a completely new model for talent development. The 10-month experience takes place online and in-person. You'll get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, performance coaching, industry opportunities, and the network you need to succeed. 

See how it works

Photographer:: Grazyna Gudejko

Hair: Christina Kolovos

Makeup: Fajer Fadjel

Makeup: Elisabeth Peclard

Styling: Tania Dioespirro

Art director: Nancy Herrmann

Grazyna Gudejko, Photography: Mastered, shot at Mastered Live Croatia

Online and in-person

The accelerator materials are available online, so you can access them anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. The experience is designed to come to you and fit around your professional career.

But this is more than just an online course. You will also be invited to local meetups and to Mastered Live, a weekend of learning and creativity, hosted at a stunning global location, such as Iceland, Croatia or Canada.

Insight from industry icons

Throughout the 10 months, you'll get high-quality video content featuring insights and advice from top experts who are working and succeeding in the industry today.

The experts' knowledge and insight will help you complete practical projects that you need to do to become a stronger makeup artist.

Feedback and performance coaching

The backbone of the accelerator is regular feedback and mentoring from carefully selected industry insiders, given both on your accelerator progression and your body of work as a whole.

Performance coaching sessions tackle confidence and resilience issues to push yourself forward creatively and professionally, and ultimately flourish in a tough industry.

A network of opportunity

You’ll join a global community of fashion talent to network and collaborate with. You’ll transform your creative process and create amazing imagery for collaborative briefs set by global icons and brands. Then it’s time to put it all into action.

We leverage our industry connections to provide opportunities for work and press with leading brands, designers and publications.

Minx sells Mastered artists’ designs

The best-selling nail brand approached Mastered to provide artists on the accelerator with the opportunity to design their own nail wraps. Our artists were following in the footsteps of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Minx decided that the winning designs would be produced and sold worldwide; with our artists receiving royalties for their work.

Sixteen of the most exciting emerging nail artists were selected by Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to have their designs commercialised into nail wraps.

Meet the experts and brands

You’ll get tailored program materials and mentoring from industry leaders who understand what it means to succeed as a nail artist in fashion. Here’s a selection of experts and brands from our previous nails accelerators.
Fabien Baron
Marian Newman
Nail artist
Fabien Baron
Christian Louboutin Beauté
Iconic shoe designer
Fabien Baron
Global nail brand
Fabien Baron
Julie Kandalec
Creative director, celebrity manicurist
Fabien Baron
Bryan Bantry Agency
Agency representing fashion & beauty talent.
Fabien Baron
Gareth Pugh
Fabien Baron
Scratch Magazine
Esteemed nails trade title
Fabien Baron
Miss Pop
Nail artist

Your journey over 10 months

The accelerator has been developed to give you the insight, guidance and network needed to claim your place in the industry of the future. Take a look at what the next 10 months could hold.

Your place in the industry

Discover more about the industry you’ve committed to thrive in, get to know some of your experts and find out all you need to know about what lies ahead in the accelerator journey.

Your Goals

To succeed as a nail artist, you need to identify what you want for your career, and have a plan to achieve it. In this module, you will define your goals and develop a framework to help you reach them.

Your aesthetic

Having a defined aesthetic will help get you booked, contribute to your success and give your career longevity. In this module you’ll work on your own aesthetic, then use it to identify the gaps in your work.

Creative Process

You'll explore how to get inspired and turn those ideas into finished work. You will focus on your creative process and develop new ways to research and develop ideas that fit with your goals and aesthetic.


In this module we’ll look at how and why trends are formed and how you can use them in your own work. You will identify a trend, then work with it to create a look for a client that fits with your own aesthetic and goals.


You’ll learn how to shine in the editorial landscape. You’ll identify a potential editorial client, then compile current work or create new work to get you closer to working for them.

Commercial, Shows & Celebrities

Nails covers everything from catwalk to campaigns, celebrity to music videos and much more. With our help you’ll learn how to thrive in each area over three distinct modules, so you’ll get noticed and get rebooked.

Money & Agents

You'll put everything you’ve learnt about the creative process into practice as a career plan. You'll learn about the role of agents and how to get one, getting the balance right between editorial and commercial, develop the skills to choose the ‘right’ jobs, how to make the most of assisting opportunities, and how to ask for what you deserve.

Showcase & exposure

The end of the accelerator is your chance to show all of your work to an international lineup of industry experts, critics and potential employers who have been looking to see your progress and identify future industry stars.

Case study: Vogue China feature

Mastered students took part in a masterclass with Condé Nast’s beauty director, Kathy Phillips. The entire team was sourced from the Mastered network, including a Nails: Mastered’s own Stefania Flex. The finished looks were shot by renowned beauty photographer Simon Emmett and featured in Vogue China.

What some of our 3,500 alumni say


“I've been booked for runway events for Hermés in Melbourne and Brisbane. This came about as a direct result of one of the collaborations I did with a Mastered makeup artist.”

Lunel Lacque

Nails: Mastered alumni


The one thing I can say is, it's changed my life completely. It made me look at what I wanted out of my career. I opened a new salon to take a step closer to my goals.

Melissa Watson

Nails: Mastered alumni


OMG I'm only in April's edition of Scratch Magazine. Thanks to Marian Newman and Nails: Mastered for getting me where I am now. Future is bright. I love what I do so much”

Marie Harper

Nails: Mastered alumni


“Thank you to Nails: Mastered the best career decision ever.. looking forward to thanking you in person when I join for London Fashion Week in February.”

Cait Hill

Nails: Mastered alumni, who signed to an agency following the course

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