What our alumni say

We’ve run over 20 accelerators for over 5000 creatives from 95 different countries. Be it photographers, digital art directors, stylists, designers, makeup artists, and now creators in 3D, we understand supporting creative people with the skills, mindset, network and opportunities they need.  

I think the experience so far has been amazing. Everyone involved has been so supportive and encouraging and that's what I've really needed, as taking the first steps of my career change has been a rollercoaster, especially prior to finding the Mastered bootcamp.


August 2021 Cohort

Hearing from people from the industry has been great and very useful. Networking with people from the course is marvelous.


July 2021 Cohort

I really love the industry sessions for staying motivated when I feel like my technical skills are struggling. It's inspiring to see other people are in these roles and also to learn about all the different aspects of the industries.


August 2021 cohort

My time at Mastered has been nothing but fantastic. I came into Mastered with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever, to taking on the role of a Technical Game Designer within just the span of 5-6 months, thanks to the help of my mentors!

Victor Rasuly

Games developer, August 2021 Cohort

Personalised experience. Having a mentor who is as passionate about making things I love is the greatest thing I could ask for. No one can understand you better than person who like the same stuff as you do. That said I highly recommend it because they really push you forward.

Damian Berek

3D artist, September 2021 Cohort

It has opened up my world to new possibilities, to experimenting and not being afraid, to diving in and helping out on set even if it's not within my "role", to being a leader and helping others.

Keziban Barry

Photography: Mastered alumni

The opportunity to have my work seen by industry luminaries
is priceless.

Mariana Pineda

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

Case study: George Fok

Fashion photographer and film maker George Fok was on the original Photography: Mastered and enrolled again on the accelerator. 

A film he shot at Mastered Live: Iceland entitled The Visitor from Inner Space is part of the official selection at Milano Fashion Film Festival 2017. He also shot a film entitled The Joy of Experimentation as part of Collaboration: Mastered for the Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch brief, which has been shortlisted for the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017.

George is always looking for future collaborators and interesting projects.

A measurable return on investment

When surveyed on the accelerator’s impact:

of professionals are clearer on their goals
feel more confident and motivated
would recommend Mastered to a friend

The best thing is the confidence it has given me. Also, in the very first module, for the first time in my life, I was given the skills and expert advice to take a look at my goals and values and discover what I really want and what is important to me. I can't thank you enough for this.

Celynen Hamlin

Hair: Mastered

Highlights have been personally being challenged to be more specific. Really being pushed to dig past the surface to get to the roots of who I am as an artist. For me being inspired in new ways has been incredible. Being able to define my connections to things.

Naomi Dumakor

Hair: Mastered alumni

It's so nice, neat, so professionally done. It's incredible to be part of the community - an amazing community.

Arne Beck

Photography: Mastered alumni

There is no recipe in this industry, but the course gave me the tools needed to follow my own instincts and question every single detail of my brand to ensure there is a conductive thread in everything I do. Today, a year after embarking on my course, I open my first solo pop up in Shoreditch London and I feel 100% about the products and the experience that my brand has to offer.

Julie Berube

Streetwear: Mastered alumni

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Honest feedback. No one is perfect and we learn from mistakes, seniors, peers and new talent.

Richard Murray

Enrolled on Hair: Mastered

Mastered Live Croatia was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Every aspect of the 3 days was a valued, absorbed and appreciated experience. This weekend in particular has solidified in solid ass marble that I am meant to be in this industry and I have found my home and tribe in this creative family!

Lauren Mann

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered

The one on one mentoring with Tom Pecheux has been the highlight so far.

La Vern Marquez

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

A game changer was the mentoring sessions. It was personalised, it was focused and full of amazing feedback.

Mariana Villalobos

Enrolled on Art Direction: Mastered

My mentor is welcoming, genuine, passionate and informative which can often be a rarity in the industry from experience. The decision to have joined Mastered and to justify the expense was completely validated with this phone call to her.

Natasha Warren

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

Something incredible has come out of this program already two months in. After a mentor call I was able to connect with B. Akerlund’s PR company who have now offered me a place in B.’s PR showroom in LA, The Residency. I am floored by this opportunity which only arose because of this course. Thank you Mastered!

Rena Andrews
Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered

Case study - Rob Rusling

Fashion photographer Rob explains how taking Photography: Mastered in 2015 helped him to strengthen his creative identity and build a cohesive body of images. Since completing Photography: Mastered, Rob was retained by Nick Knight as his second assistant.

All the opportunities that have come my way, and being part of a Masterclass. I would also say that it gives belonging and help me feel less isolated in my creative work.

Åsa Camnert

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered

The best bit was getting noticed by the Photo Editor of Italian Vogue and taking part in the big Photo Vogue exhibition of Vogue Italia.

Lydia Gorges

Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

I can’t express enough how much I appreciate this opportunity. I’m so grateful to the founders and the staff who are making this happen. I feel like somebody looked into my head and custom-made the programme for me.

Julie Kim

Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered

These visionaries, artists and creative that we are getting a chance to hear from and collaborate with is truly humbling - and ultimately so so inspiring

Rachel Estabrook

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

I want to say what an amazing experience I had working with each and everyone of you in Croatia. Not only was it a dream location, but we came together as a dream team, as well. I hope you’ll agree that we had a successful shoot, resulting in some really good images. Thanks to all of you for your contributions to my own learning and growth.

Nancy Herrmann

Enrolled on Art Direction: Mastered

By constraining us in time and in form, this allowed me to make in a few days immense steps towards the definition of my aesthetics Everything was there and you helped me make it clear. Thank you.

Anne-Charlotte Moulard

Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

Learning from the experts. Hearing about their experiences, the practical knowledge they share. A lot of the information from the editors is amazing. Being able to see what they see. The extended research info, is wonderful. All of it is really a great education for someone without a background in fashion.

Li Murillo

Enrolled on Hair: Mastered

I have to admit I had never had such a wide range of support in such a hybrid program.

Sio Tsvetanov

Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

The videos have been really concise and clever. It gives all the right information in short sentences. Effective and straightforward, I love it!

Julie Schimel

Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

Case study: Kathy Philips Vogue China

See what happened when Condé Nast International beauty director, Kathy Phillips met our network for a masterclass with renowned beauty photographer Simon Emmett.

It was a great experience to meet Alessia [Glaviano], she really shook up my perspective and the way of handling future shoots. What she mentioned can really help all of us to improve, whatever aesthetic we are pursuing

Lina Zangers
Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

It might not otherwise have been possible to get the opinion of someone like Sophia Neophitou, and that has helped me strengthen the confidence I have in my work. It's been a one-of-a-kind experience.

Alex Saint

Photography: Mastered alumni

Not too often are you encouraged to challenge your craft and push for new heights. Mastered offered this. Creatively you'll be pushed, and commercially you'll be informed but most of all you'll leave feeling inspired and driven to be a better working artist.

Christopher Polack

Photography: Mastered alumni

The decision to have joined Mastered and to justify the expense was completely validated with the first mentoring call.

Natasha Warren

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

The one thing I can say is, it's changed my life completely. It made me look at what I wanted out of my career. I opened a new salon to take a step closer to my goals in the middle of the program.

Melissa Watson

Nails: Mastered alumni

Case study: LFW with Val Garland & ISSA

Watch what happened when iconic makeup artist Val Garland recruited her whole London Fashion Week team from Mastered alumni for the ISSA show.

It's refreshing to see people want to help you grow and be part of their venture!

Yolanda Recinos

Enrolled on Hair: Mastered

One of the reasons why I’m excited about the Mastered Accelerator program is its holistic approach: skills, exposure, network, and mindset.

Hubert Cosico

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered

Because of Mastered I now have two runway assisting jobs.

Melody Falcinella

Makeup: Mastered alumni

I love Pati Dubroff’s style and philosophy. It is a real honor to be able to learn from her and everyone on the expert team. Can’t wait.

Desireé Delia

Enrolled on Makeup: Mastered

With every lesson I LOVE the program more & am MORE THAN THRILLED to have it be a part of my story & to be a part of the MASTERED family!!!

Monique Marwani

Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered

I've been booked for runway events for Hermés in Melbourne and Brisbane. This came about as a direct result of one of the collaborations I did with a Mastered makeup artist.

Lunel Lacque

Nails: Mastered alumni

Mastered has changed my working life dramatically. After being chosen for the ISSA show, I went on to assist Val Garland for Parish Fashion Couture, Alice Temperly, Julien MacDonald and Jasper Conran.

Carla Francesca

Makeup: Mastered alumni

I have just been nominated in Ireland for Photographer of the Year at the Irish Fashion Industry Awards. I have got a lot of interest since I started doing the briefs at Mastered.

Táine King

Photography: Mastered alumni

Since being on this course, I had the opportunity to work on a big movie, I got my first job on a really big ad as head of the beauty department, I'm currently doing a campaign shoot with internationally acclaimed photographers, and I was invited to do an editorial for a Britsh magazine. I couldn't be happier than this!

Eszter Galambos

Makeup: Mastered alumni

From the moment I received my acceptance email to the group photo in Iceland, I have grown tremendously. I have met many people from all over the world and have many new friendships. I have a focus and new goals and no regrets.

Kodi Beverlin
Hair: Mastered alumni, USA

Case study: Minx Nails

The best-selling nail brand approached Mastered to provide artists on the accelerator with the opportunity to design their own nail wraps. Our artists were following in the footsteps of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Minx announced that the winning designs would be produced and sold worldwide; with our artists receiving royalties for their work.

Sixteen of the most exciting emerging nail artists were selected by Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to have their designs turned into nail wraps.

I truly believe it has given me the guidance and confidence to be far more successful. Working on Sam McKnight's show team for LFW was a dram come true!! I am so much more motivated and I now trust that my ability will make my dreams a reality.

Antoinette Aderotoye

Hair: Mastered alumni

I've never been involved in something that has changed me in such a tremendous way. I feel so much stronger than I did a few months ago: creatively, professionally and emotionally.

Lavonne Anthony

Makeup: Mastered alumni

I participated in my first Fashion Week experience this week and I LOVED it. I wouldn't have had the confidence to participate if I hadn't taken part in this class.

Danielle Hardy

Hair: Mastered alumni

I have an announcement!!! I have been booked for a shoot!!! My FIRST session stylist opportunity outside of the program! They were so impressed with my work on set for my Dazed brief. The modelling agency had an agent (friends with my photographer) on set, and they booked me for a photoshoot this upcoming weekend. I am pumped!

Whitney Everett Gicking

Hair: Mastered alumni

It is an honor to be among this diversity of talent from around the world. I believe we can all learn from each other, elevate our creative minds, and break barriers through each of our work. Here’s to all of us in this exciting journey and to making this a great team!

Jade Ashley Rabut

Enrolled on Fashion Styling: Mastered

I just want to thank you and everyone at Mastered for the gift of opening my eyes. I see who I am and where I need to be. My entire career I struggled with trying to make people ‘happy’. I now am free of corporate entities, seeking approval and ‘likes’. I am free to create. #whateverilike I may disappear from the scene or succeed but I now know, I will be my own crazy creative self. Showtime People!!!

Dennis Clendennen

Enrolled on Hair: Mastered

I'm still pinching myself. Streeters got in touch with me to work on shows with Val Galrand in London then Val asked me to join her in Milan and Paris.

Jo Leversuch

Makeup: Mastered alumni

I've learned a lot about the industry but foremost about myself. Nick Knight, you have always been a huge inspiration to me, but after the program, you gave me the strength and confidence to redefine my photography and focus on my own 'voice'.

Christos Karantzolas

Photography: Mastered alumni

The classroom has been a place of great positivity and exhange of ideas/thoughts. I've been lucky to be able to connect with other creatives, whom I might never have known otherwise, especially because of geographical constraints.

Xeneb Allen

Hair: Mastered alumni

Having visibility on Vogue Italia's website was huge for me. It led to a French brand approaching me and I'm now shooting her fashion book.

Eloïse Vene

Photography: Mastered alumni

I am speechless. I am so honored to be a part of this program and already feel like I’m motivated to go out there and make what I thought was a dream come to reality.

Farah Alrasheed

Enrolled on Photography: Mastered

Labelless Gallery - Streetwear: Mastered alumni

The Labelless Gallery brand owners took part in Streetwear: Mastered curated by Virgil Abloh in 2016.

They share what gave them the most insight, what surprised them and how the course ultimately impacted the trajectory of their business.

When the program ended, I signed a contract with a huge agency. They're really impressed with my recent work, including the projects I completed as a part of Mastered. They told me I have the strength to go for something bigger.

Mel Goldmann
Makeup: Mastered and Hair: Mastered alumni, Deutschland