Accessories designers, make 2019 count

Join this six month accelerator designed for jewellery, footwear, millinery, scarves, handbags & small leather good brands. Get the clarity, support and recognition you need for your brand to have its biggest season yet.

Starts April 2019

Six months support

Mentoring and coaching
One-to-one monthly calls

From $600 per month
Payable in instalments

4,400 alumni network
95 different countries

Get more sales. Gain more exposure. Build a better brand

You want to learn from the best. You are looking for focus and direction. You are hungry for industry feedback. You need exposure to the people that matter. You need a team in your corner.

Take this chance to put all your hard work into practice. To make your potential count.

Places are strictly limited to established brands in market, with a proven track record of selling and delivering product. 

How it works

Mastered accelerators are a completely new way to support emerging brands. The six month experience takes place online and in-person. You'll get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, personal coaching, and an exclusive event in London. 

See how it works

One-to-one feedback and personal coaching

The backbone of the accelerator are monthly mentoring calls from industry insiders who are matched to you and your needs. Every call has a written follow-up and clear next steps for you.

Each month you will also get a session with a performance coach. They will help you translate what you are learning into action and lasting change for you personally and professionally.

Insight from industry leaders

After each call, you will receive tailored content specific to your challenges and goals, to support you with what you need to do to take the next step forward. 

At all times, you will have access to an exclusive video library, featuring insight and advice from industry insiders who are working and succeeding in the industry today.

Photographer:: Grazyna Gudejko

Hair: Christina Kolovos

Makeup: Fajer Fadjel

Makeup: Elisabeth Peclard

Styling: Tania Dioespirro

Art director: Nancy Herrmann

Grazyna Gudejko, Photography: Mastered, shot at Mastered Live Croatia

Online and in-person

The experience is designed to come to you and fit around your professional career. You can access the materials anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. 

But this is more than just an online course. As well as your monthly calls, you will also be invited to Mastered Live, an unforgettable weekend of learning and creativity hosted in London, with the opportunity to meet mentors and get in-person feedback.

A network of opportunity

You will join a global pool of curated talent to network and collaborate with - photographers, art directors, and stylists who can help your brand get seen. With over 4,400 in our alumni community, this is a community of fashion and beauty professionals like no other. 

Labelless Gallery - Streetwear: Mastered alumni

The Labelless Gallery brand owners took part in Streetwear: Mastered curated by Virgil Abloh in 2016.

Hear what they learned, what surprised them and how the accelerator ultimately impacted the trajectory of their brand.

Meet the experts

In your content library, you’ll get high-quality knowledge, insight and advice from industry leaders who understand your market, and also the challenges faced by emerging brands like yours, from getting noticed, to securing early stage investment and attracting global retailers. Here are some of the experts who shared their insight last year (line-up subject to change in 2019).

Fabien Baron
Ben Mazey
Design director at Kenzo
Fabien Baron
Benn McGregor
Senior buyer menswear at Harvey Nichols
Fabien Baron
Carol Lim & Humberto Leon
Founders and designers, Opening Ceremony and co-creative directors, KENZO
Fabien Baron
Chris Fisher
Head buyer at End Clothing
Fabien Baron
Laura Wathen
Early stage investor at Pentland
Fabien Baron
Morad Sabri-Tabriz
Vice President of global merchandising at Bally
Fabien Baron
Noah Bernard
Creative director of Samsung Electronics Europe
Fabien Baron
Nura Khan
Style editor of British Vogue

A journey tailored to your brand

The accelerator has been developed to give you the support, clarity and recognition needed to claim your place in the industry of the future. Take a look at what areas you will receive support with.

Set goals

To succeed in business, you need to have clear goals, and a strategy for how you will achieve them. Our mentors and coaches will be there to help you do just that.

Brand positioning

Understand how identifying your customer, competitors and your pricing will help you correctly position yourself in the market. Identify the changes needed to ensure your brand stands out.


Understand why trends are important, and analyse which current and future trends in the industry can help expand your business.


Explore what journalists want to write about, how to pitch to them, and how to develop creative concepts that will help your brand get press and get noticed.

Your business model

Get feedback on your current business plan, explore different business models an emerging brand can adopt, and get support to make sure you are managing your own cash flow.

Future success

Discover successful commercial strategies emerging brands are applying to their business plans, learn about new business expansion channels and find a strategy suitable for your brand.

Case study: Rena Andrews

"Something incredible has come out of this program already two months in. After a mentor call I was able to connect with B. Akerlund’s PR company who have now offered me a place in B.’s PR showroom in LA, The Residency. I am floored by this opportunity which only arose because of this course. Thank you Mastered!"

Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered 2017.

What some of our 4,400 alumni say

Kathryn Pledger-Kathy Schicker.jpg

“Mastered Live was in a fantastic location with great infrastructure. The highlight for us was meeting creative professionals from around the world and collaborating with them during the event and in the days after the event.”

Kathryn Pledger & Kathy Schicker
Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered 2017


“So good! SO INSPIRING. [My mentor] didn't hold back and let me know exactly where my weaknesses were which was amazing.”

Bianca Librandi

Enrolled on Accessories: Mastered 2017


“Today, a year after embarking on the course, I opened my first solo store in Shoreditch London and I feel 100% about the products and the experience that my brand has to offer.”

Julie Berube

Streetwear Mastered alumni

dorte-dee (1).jpg

“Thanks, for me [the mentoring] was an amazing session. I am very inspired, and I can see the concept which will move the brand forward.”

Dorte Dee April Agergaard

Makeup: Mastered alumni

Ready to make 2019 count?

Our admissions team are here to answer any of your questions. 

6 month
Industry support
April 2019
Starting soon
From $600 / mth
Pay in instalments