Learn the fundamental business skills that will help you win more creative clients and do more of what you love

While freelancing allows you the freedom and independence to follow your creative passions, it can sometimes feel lonely navigating the complexities of running your business - and it's easy to end up feeling stuck. 

From mastering the art of marketing, winning new and different clients, managing your energy as well as your money, this Skills Bootcamp has been designed specifically for creative professionals to keep your passion business going strong.

And the best part - it's completely free.



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Business support for creatives

Too much business support for creatives is generic advice. This Skills Bootcamp has been designed specifically for creatives - be it pricing on day rates or working on more of the creative projects you love.  

Mentoring and human guidance

There is a lot of learning material online. The problem is to have someone to help you navigate to what matters and to give you personal feedback on what you should be doing. This is what our instructors are here to do, with 60 hours of human support on offer. 

Collaborations and work opportunities

On this journey with you will be like-minded creative professionals. Together you can share experiences and advice, as well coming together to form creative teams that can pitch for bigger clients and more meaningful projects.

Mindset and well-being support

We don't just teach you skills – we give you the mindset to thrive. Running a business can be draining and overwhelming. We're here to support you with how you manage yourself, your time and your energy - your most precious resource - so you don't burn out. 


Your path to ensure success in your creative career

While creative skills are undoubtedly your most valuable asset, it is also important to not underestimate the importance of business skills and how they can help you get more clients and grow your business. Marketing, financial management, client relationships – these are the tools that help you find, serve, and keep clients. They ensure that your creative career is not only fulfilling but also financially stable.








We designed these Skills Bootcamps because we felt business support for creative freelancers wasn't up to scratch. Instead of generic advice, our aim is to give you the tools and advice that you really need.

Perri Lewis
Co-founder and CEO, Mastered

What you will learn

This bootcamp is crafted for experienced freelancers ready to grow their careers and will provide you with practical tools that you can implement immediately.  

  • Understanding the concept of personal branding
  • Develop your unique brand aesthetic
  • Crafting a compelling personal brand statement
  • Building brand consistency in all marketing materials
  • Creating or optimising an online portfolio
  • Leveraging social media for brand promotion
  • Content marketing for creatives
  • Measuring the impact of online marketing efforts
● Feel inspired to take action with your finances
● Have created a financial management system that covers your personal
and business finances, so you can focus on doing what you love
● Know how to set pricing that aligns with your value and financial goals
  • Importance of contracts in freelancing
  • Drafting effective freelance contracts
  • Intellectual property and copyright considerations
  • Legal and financial protection for freelancers
  • Income and Expense Forecasting
  • Understanding and tracking freelance income and expenses
  • Creating a personal budget for financial stability
  • Tools and software for financial forecasting
  • Preparing for taxes and managing deductions
  • Identifying common time wasters and distractions
  • Prioritising tasks and setting realistic goals
  • Utilising time management tools and apps

  • Building and maintaining professional relationships
  • Strategies for expanding your network within the industry
  • Online and offline networking opportunities
  • Effective networking etiquette and follow-up
  • Importance of planning for long-term goals
  • Creating your business vision in the short and long term
  • Setting actionable steps to achieve your goals
  • Balancing present commitments with future planning 
  • Work less reactionary and more strategically

Built by creatives, for creatives

This Skills Bootcamp has been designed specifically to ensure you get the support that will help you stand out in a crowded market of creative professionals.

Designed and delivered by experts

Our bootcamp's curriculum has been designed in collaboration with experts in the creative industry to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant for your business needs. 

Real-life problem scenarios

The bootcamp will help you tackle real-life challenges, with practical tools and expert guidance from your mentors. You will be able to discuss the challenges that you are facing with your creative business.

Personal and mindset coaching

Sometimes as freelancers you just need someone to talk to, whether it's about dealing with the stress of not having enough clients or building up your confidence to pitch to new clients, you will be able to talk about any issues with your mindset coach.

Guest and alumni speakers

We regularly host guest speakers featuring prominent figures from the creative field and some of our alumni with notable success to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights with you, also giving you the opportunity to expand your network.

Meet the team that will support you on the bootcamp.

You will have group video calls, live online classes, personal feedback and emotional support from a team of people invested in your success. 


Sophie Greenwood   Linked in Michael Mark

Business mentor

I'll assess your skills level, understand your career goals and work with you to create a pathway that will help you achieve those. I'll guide you in building up your business skills, and give feedback on what you are currently doing to help you grow. 


Zoe Brown   Linked in Michael Mark

Success Manager

I’m here from day one of your bootcamp. I’ll make sure you are getting the most from the bootcamp at every stage, whether it be setting up your personalised schedule to sharing articles and events you might love.


Stephen Arthur   Linked in Michael Mark

Career Coach

I will make sure that when the time comes, you will be a standout creative. Whether preparing your portfolio, helping you negotiate, or keeping you motivated, I will be at your side throughout the whole experience.


Nishe Patel   Linked in Michael Mark

Mindset Coach

I’m here to help you present your best self. I will work with you on tackling topics such as building your confidence, communicating your ideas and any other challenges that you have faced before.

Over 5,000 creators from 95 different countries

We're proud of all the creative professionals, from every walk of life, who have been through one of our career accelerators since 2015. With our new Skills Bootcamp, we want to continue this commitment to finding diverse voices and original talent who've been shut out for too long. Outsiders, misfits and changemakers need apply.

Alex Dawber
Alex Dawber
Alumni, London
Vanessa Cogorno
Vanessa Cogorno
Alumni, Hasselt
Sabina Hassan
Alumni, New York
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter
Alumni, Portland
Ksavi Joshi
Ksavi Joshi
Alumni, London
Ray Kay
Alumni, Seoul
Djeneba Aduayom
Djeneba Aduayom
Alumni, Los Angeles
Michelle Villasenor
Michelle Villasenor
Alumni, San Francisco
Nick Onken
Nick Onken
Alumni, New York
Matteo Bigliardi
Matteo Bigliardi
Alumni, London
Rayna Hernandez
Rayna Hernandez
Alumni, New York
Attila Kenyeres
Attila Kenyeres
Alumni, Berlin

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a completely free bootcamp place, you must: 

  • Be born before 31st August 2004
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Live in England
  • Be a self-employed professional or small business
  • Demonstrate a passion to grow in the creative industry
  • Be able to dedicate 10 hours/week



The Skills Bootcamp includes all of the following - 

  • Course materials
  • Private Slack group
  • Dedicated success manager
  • 1-2-1 support
  • Career support
  • Practical toolkits
  • Workshops
  • Business mentoring
  • Networking opportunities

Limited places available

You can apply to join the bootcamp through the form below and one of our admissions team will set up a call to find out more about your goals and assess whether this is going to be a good fit for you. Please note, we are selective and there are very limited fully-funded places. We are looking for special talent so please give the questions below proper thought.