Technical and soft skills training for your creative studio

As budgets are getting squeezed and talent pools are shrinking, the challenge to hire top senior talent is getting ever harder. There is another way. To develop and upskill your own internal talent - with government paying up to 90% of the costs. 

As part of the national Skills Bootcamps programme, we can provide flexible, on-the-job technical training; across a range of industries from games to film, fashion to advertising; a range of job roles from programmers to producers; and at every level from junior to Principal - all with the government picking up the bill. No catches.

Impact of our Skills Bootcamps


average increase in skill ratings


participants saw increase in skills


average ratings across all bootcamps

Solving business needs

Employers can use these government funds to support their studio in ways that matter. Improving craft skills. Transitioning to new tools. Mentoring juniors to reduce the burden on seniors. Helping mid-levels become more T-shaped. Coaching new managers. Futureproofing for new paradigms like AI. Our courses are always tailored to the challenges your business faces.

Specialists in creative technologies

Much of what we do is focused on upskilling employees in both established and emerging industry tools. Unreal Engine, Unity, Houdini, Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe - we will provide you with specialist instructors for all these tools and more.

Designed for busy studios

We've delivered training to more than 30 creative and design studios, and we’re only too aware of the deadlines and pressures of production cycles. We understand that the biggest barrier to training is fitting it in schedules and around client commitments, which is why we've built flexible timetables, blended/online delivery and custom schedules into our delivery. 

Supported by government funds

Whilst training is an investment that is massively valued by staff, we know it can be one of the first budgets to be cut when savings are needed. As approved providers on Skills Bootcamps, up to 90% of the costs for training your team will be funded by the government.

Some studios we have worked with

Case studies

Studios are using the funding to train different team members, at different levels, with different needs, solving different problems. Here are a few examples of how the funding is currently being used.

How it works

At it's simplest, a Skills Bootcamp is 60 hours with an instructor, supporting your team on the skills they need most. Delivery is mainly online, with some in-person where required. Schedules are built around regular, fixed times that provide consistency to participants and their managers - either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. And learning is in small groups, with lots of discussion and practical projects. 


Curated instructors, coaches and mentors

With dozens of specialists to draw from, we carefully match the right instructor with the right studio. Our mentors are in the industry and understand the specific challenges faced by your team.




Bespoke courses with measurable outcomes

Bootcamp content is tailored to the specific needs and skills gaps of each studio. In addition, learner progress is tracked through regular assessments, surveys and project feedback. 




Interactive, small group workshops

Led by our expert mentors and coaches, cohorts are typically intimate sessions with 4-8 people, enabling active participation, regular personalised feedback and collaboration with peers.




One-to-one tailored support

Learners get 1:1 sessions that help them explore how they can implement what they’re learning in the workplace - be that technical or soft skill development - into their day to day challenges. 



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