Develop your own talent

The challenge to hire top senior talent is getting harder. But why hire, when you can develop your own internal talent. As providers of government Skills Bootcamp, we can provide flexible, on-the-job technical training, delivered by games industry specialists - and the government will pay up to 90% of the costs. No catches.

Impact of our Skills Bootcamps


average increase in skill ratings


participants saw increase in skills


average ratings across all bootcamps

Solving business needs

Use these funds to support your studio in ways that matter. Improving craft skills. Supporting the transition to new tools. Mentoring juniors to reduce the burden on seniors. Helping mid-levels become more T-shaped. Coaching new managers. Futureproofing for new paradigms, like AI.

Specialists in games

Our sole focus is upskilling in the tools industry uses and needs today. We’re an Unreal Engine Partner. Unity too. As well as Autodesk Maya. And 3DS Max. Plus Houdini. And Blender and more besides. Tell us your skills gaps, and we’ll find you an instructor.

Designed for busy Studios

Working with 12 other studios, we’re only too aware of the deadlines and pressures of production cycles. The biggest barrier to training is fitting it in schedules. With a choice of different formats, this funding has been designed to do just that.

Supported by government funds

Whilst training is an investment that is massively valued by staff, it can be one of the first budgets to be cut. Through this initiative, the costs for the training will be funded up to 90% by the government.

Studios we work with

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Case studies

Studios are using the funding to train different team members, at different levels, with different needs, solving different problems. Here are a few examples of how the funding is currently being used.

Technical leadership

A deep exploration for technical leads on the skills required to successfully lead teams with one-to-one coaching to support participants to implement their learning.

Intro to Unreal

Training for VFX artists that gave participants a comprehensive understanding of real-time technology used in the production of films, short films, commercials, and television.

Procedural workflows with Houdini

A comprehensive introduction to Houdini that gave participants a deep understanding of the software's capabilities and best practices.

From Autodesk to Blender

Helped artists at this studio grasp Blender's full potential and provided them with the necessary skills to integrate it into their daily workflow.

How it works

Learning delivery is 100% remote/online. Schedules are built around regular, fixed times that provide consistency to participants and their managers. The 60 hours of training can be delivered in bi-weekly 2-hour sessions, weekly 4-hour sessions or fortnightly 1-day sessions.


Curated and committed instructors, coaches and mentors

With a pool of over 25 specialists to draw from, we match the right instructor with the right studio. Our mentors are in the industry and understand the specific challenges faced by your team.


Personalised and measurable

Learners complete self-assessments at the beginning and throughout the training to measure progress and tailor their experience to their specific needs and learning styles.


Group learning

Led by our expert mentors and coaches, group training sessions enable learners to share insight and practice their skills with their peers.


One-to-one support

Learners get one-to-one sessions that help them explore how they can implement what they’re learning in the workplace - be that technical or soft skill development.

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