Conrado Veliz - Photography: Mastered

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A 10-month accelerator to fast forward your career and get more of the work you love doing. 

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You're a working fashion photographer with a good eye and promising credits. Yet you know there's scope for more.

This 10-month accelerator has been built for established fashion photographers who want to elevate their career. You want to learn from the best. You are looking for focus and direction. You are hungry for industry feedback. You need industry opportunities and exposure. 

We're looking for the new breed of photography talent who never stop learning. Places are strictly limited to just 200 global image-makers.

How it works

Mastered accelerators are a completely new model for talent development. The 10-month experience takes place online and in-person. You'll get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, personal coaching, industry opportunities, and the network you need to break through. 

See how it works

Photographer:: Grazyna Gudejko

Hair: Christina Kolovos

Makeup: Fajer Fadjel

Makeup: Elisabeth Peclard

Styling: Tania Dioespirro

Art director: Nancy Herrmann

Grazyna Gudejko, Photography: Mastered, shot at Mastered Live Croatia

Online and in-person experience

The accelerator materials are available online, so you can access them anytime, anywhere, on your mobile. The experience is designed to come to you and fit around your professional career.

But this is more than just an online course. You will also be invited to local meetups and to Mastered Live, a weekend of learning and creativity, hosted at a stunning global location, such as Iceland, Croatia or Canada.

Insight from industry leaders

Throughout the 10-months, you'll get high-quality video content featuring insights and advice from established experts, image-makers who are succeeding in the industry today, and the people you need to impress. 

Combined with regular online Q&A sessions, their knowledge and insight will help you complete practical projects that you need to fulfil your vision. 

One-to-one feedback and personal coaching

The backbone of the accelerator is regular feedback from industry insiders, to give you the direction you need to achieve your personal goals and attract the right kind of work. 

In addition, you will get access to a personal development coach who will help you act on this feedback, and hone the winning mentality you need to unlock your potential and grow personally and professionally. 

A network of opportunity

No one succeeds alone. Which is why you will join a global pool of art directors, stylists, brands and beauty professionals to network and collaborate with. Creative briefs set by industry legends will give you the stimulus to discover and work with local and international peers. 

Then it's time to put it all into action. We leverage our industry connections to provide opportunities for work and recognition from photo editors, agents, creative directors, commercial brands and more. 

Case study: George Fok

Fashion photographer and film maker George Fok was on the original Photography: Mastered and enrolled again on this year's accelerator. 

A film he shot at Mastered Live: Iceland entitled The Visitor from Inner Space is part of the official selection at Milano Fashion Film Festival 2017. He also shot a film entitled The Joy of Experimentation as part of Collaboration: Mastered for the Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch brief, which has been shortlisted for the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017.

George is always looking for future collaborators and interesting projects.

Meet the experts

You’ll get high-quality knowledge, insight and mentoring from industry leaders who understand what it takes to breakthrough as a fashion photographer today. Here’s a selection of experts who have worked with our talent network.

Fabien Baron
Fabien Baron
Creative director
Inez & Vinoodh
Inez & Vinoodh
Celebrated photography duo
Nick Knight
Nick Knight
Image maker
Megan McCluskie
Megan McCluskie
Bookings director, Harper's Bazaar UK
Alessia Glaviano
Alessia Glaviano
Senior photo editor, Vogue Italia and L'uomo Vogue
Lydia Pang
Lydia Pang
Creative director, Refinery29
Kenneth Richard
Kenneth Richard
CEO and editor-in-chief, The Impression
Biel Parklee
Biel Parklee
Digital photo editor, W Magazine

Your year ahead

The accelerator has been built to give you the insight, feedback, coaching, and network needed to claim your place in the industry of the future. Take a look at what the next 10 months could hold.

Becoming the new breed

The global fashion landscape is changing, and there’s never been a better time to be part of it. Discover more about the industry you’ve committed to thrive in, get to know some of your experts and find out what you need to do to establish yourself as the new breed of creative talent.

Define your vision, set your goals

The fashion industry is an ever-evolving space for emerging photographers but there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success. Decide what success looks like for you, set transformational goals that reflect your personal and professional ambitions, and get expert feedback and guidance about the opportunities that fit into your chosen direction.

Your USP and creative process

As a photographer, you are a brand - so what sets you apart from everyone else? And are you skilled up in the conceptual elements which can add depth to your work? In these modules, we'll explore you as an artist and what makes your voice unique, building that into a powerful USP. We'll help you revolutionize the way you do research and in turn find the inspiration that will help you standout.

Building teams

Your most important creative tool on-set is your team. Learn how to communicate your vision to a team, and bring in the right creatives who will enrich it. An emphasis on collaboration will highlight how you best find the balance between your original idea and the contributions from your team.

Your mindset

Your relationship with success and failure massively impacts your progression towards your goal. By learning to develop a ‘new breed’ mindset, you will transform the way you perceive stress and mistakes, enabling you to better handle any situation your career throws at you.

Editorial and commercial work

Explore all avenues for your work, understand the nuances of each - and how they fit together for your wider career objectives. You will get a clear view on how to conduct yourself in each area, and how best to apply your personal voice to them.

Alternative outlets for your work

Fashion photography is not only about editorials and campaigns. This is your chance to find fresh outlets to highlight your talent. You will discover alternative ways to different and broader audiences including curators, critics, collectors and publishers. You will have a clear view of all the new and exciting formats to showcase your work.

Fashion film

Apply your vision and technical skills to moving image and experiment with new ways to push your creative boundaries. You will develop an understanding of how fashion film differs from photography and further develop your skills, knowledge and experience in moving image projects.


An artist is their own brand. So how do you ensure your online presence reflects your identity? Learn how to build a strong and consistent narrative across your social feeds, how to market yourself in a way that reflects your goals, and how to apply your personal values and ethics to your creative work so you close the gap between your real and online personas.

Career planning and making money

Get the practical information you need to achieve the creative’s ultimate dream: building a successful business doing what you love. Wrapping this into everything else you learned and achieved, you'll develop a focused career plan to propel you forward beyond the accelerator.

Case study: Rob Rusling

Fashion photographer Rob explains how taking Photography: Mastered in 2015 helped him to strengthen his creative identity and build a cohesive body of images. Since completing Photography: Mastered, Rob was retained by Nick Knight as his second assistant following his work being spotted in our classroom.

What some of our 3,500 alumni say


"The Mastered program helped me push boundaries and explore new territories. It's been a wonderful personal and professional journey." - Renaud Cambuzat

Renaud Cambuzat

Photography: Mastered alumni


"The program has taught me about myself and my style and hence developed my focus and made me more determined to succeed."

Tina Eisen

Photography: Mastered alumni


"My work was featured by Vogue Italia. The photos were shown in an exhibition during Milan Fashion night out and as a print feature in the September issue of Vogue Italia."

Lydia Gorges

Photography: Mastered alumni


"It has opened up my world to new possibilities, to experimenting and not being afraid, to diving in and helping out on set even if it's not within my "role", to being a leader and helping others."

Keziban Barry

Photography: Mastered alumni

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