Stage and screen rigging bootcamp at Production Park - Europe's leading live events destination

The live events industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK  and this growth has led to an increase in demand for highly skilled professionals with creative design and technical skills in lighting, stage management, rigging and scenic construction. 

You will be trained by experts at the Academy of Live Technology, which is uniquely positioned right in the heart of the Production Park and you will also have access to world-leading facilities used by the likes of Pink, Metallica, The Killers, Netflix, Amazon & ITV.  

By the end of the bootcamp, you will have the skills and industry-recognised certifications that will help you grow your career in an industry that you are passionate about. 

And the best part - it’s completely free.  


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Fully funded, free training

Skills Bootcamps provide free flexible training, giving you the opportunity to build up highly in-demand skills in the entrainment industry.

Hands-on practical experience

This highly practical course will enable you to develop your creative design and technical skills that will set you up for a successful career in the creative industries. 

Global work opportunities

After completing the bootcamp, you will have countless opportunities to work at events across the globe - from music festivals to sports events to corporate and experiential gigs.

Learn from industry specialists

Our training partner, Academy of Live Technology, is the best in the industry and you will be trained by professionals with real industry experience, on a campus where some of the world's biggest tours and productions are made and staged. 


Your path to ensure success in your creative career

This highly practical bootcamp enables you to develop your creative design and technical skills in lighting, stage management, rigging and scenic construction. This will open up countless opportunities for you at events across the globe - from live music, festivals and theatre, to motorsport, corporate and experiential events. It will ensure that your career is not only fulfilling but also financially stable.








Live events industry is desperate for fresh, diverse talent with creative and technical skills. This Skills Bootcamp has been designed by industry professionals to help you get the skills needed for a successful career.

Perri Lewis
Co-founder and CEO, Mastered

What you will learn

During this part-time 5-week course, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of many aspects of Live Event Production. You’ll develop the skills and know-how that you can use right away in your current work or help you kickstart your creative career.

The bootcamp will also include the following accredited sessions:

  • Mental Health Awareness V4.2
  • ACT Awareness E-Learning (Anti-Terror training)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
  • Event Safety Passport (Events industry standard)


An introduction to all things events, to set you up for the training course
Learn the core essentials of rigging and how the roof rig set up traditionally operates during a show
An industry standard and accredited session which will get you an Event Safety Passport at the completion 

Learn key concepts of building a video wall and how to populate it with content

Practical training on audio where you will work with mics, speakers and sound decks

You will complete an accredited course on Anti-terror and risk assessment

Work on a set with a full kit along with a DJ or a band to practice rigging and de-rigging the equipment

CV writing, portfolio creation session where you will be supported to  decide career paths and support with job applications

Built by specialists in creative industries education

This Skills Bootcamp has been designed specifically to ensure you get the support that will help you stand out in a crowded market of creative professionals.

Designed and delivered by experts

Our bootcamp's curriculum has been designed in collaboration with experienced professionals in the creative industry to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant to your goals and ambitions. 

Practical hands-on experience

The bootcamp will help give you hands-on practical experience of working with rigging equipment and the latest digital technologies used in the live events industry.

Immersed in industry and innovation

From day one, you will be immersed in industry. Using best-in-class technology and equipment in state-of-the-art production studios, you will learn the fundamental skills that the industry is looking for.

Campus in the heart of live events industry

You will be trained by experts at the Academy of Live Technology, which is positioned right in the heart of Production Park - Europe's leading live events destination.

Meet the team that will support you on the bootcamp.

You will have group video calls, live online classes, personal feedback and emotional support from a team of people invested in your success. 


Angela Boyes   Linked in Michael Mark

I am an experienced education professional and I  will support you throughout your training and will also ensure learning quality and your satisfaction on the bootcamp.


Chris Considine   Linked in Michael Mark

I am a qualified teacher with 20 years of experience in the live events world as a super high-quality technician. Also a world leader in Virtual Production & Disguise.


Jonny Wood   Linked in Michael Mark

I have 20+ years as an onstage performer and also run my dance school. I also work for ALT as a multidisciplined trainer, with experience across all areas of events.


Matt Glynn   Linked in Michael Mark

I am a senior project leader in the training business and lead on delivery quality for students. I have also produced some of the biggest concert tours globally.

Over 5,000 creators from 95 different countries

We're proud of all the creative professionals, from every walk of life, who have been through one of our career accelerators since 2015. With our new Skills Bootcamp, we want to continue this commitment to finding diverse voices and original talent who've been shut out for too long. Outsiders, misfits and changemakers need apply.

Alex Dawber
Alex Dawber
Alumni, London
Vanessa Cogorno
Vanessa Cogorno
Alumni, Hasselt
Sabina Hassan
Alumni, New York
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter
Alumni, Portland
Ksavi Joshi
Ksavi Joshi
Alumni, London
Ray Kay
Alumni, Seoul
Djeneba Aduayom
Djeneba Aduayom
Alumni, Los Angeles
Michelle Villasenor
Michelle Villasenor
Alumni, San Francisco
Nick Onken
Nick Onken
Alumni, New York
Matteo Bigliardi
Matteo Bigliardi
Alumni, London
Rayna Hernandez
Rayna Hernandez
Alumni, New York
Attila Kenyeres
Attila Kenyeres
Alumni, Berlin

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a completely free bootcamp place, you must: 

  • Be born before 31st August 2004
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Live in West Yorkshire
  • Not be in full-time education or undertaking an apprenticeship at the time of joining
  • Demonstrate a passion to grow in the entertainment industry
  • Be able to commit to the time required for training



Next start date: 15 Feb 2024

You can apply to join the bootcamp through the form below and one of our admissions team will set up a call to find out more about your goals and assess whether this is going to be a good fit for you. Please note, we are selective and there are very limited fully-funded places. We are looking for special talent so please give the questions below proper thought.