Meet Modie Shakarchi, junior programmer at Rebellion (alumni insights)

Modie shares his tips on how he successfully got his dream job as a games developer. 

Posted by Mastered on Mar 14, 2023



Modie Shakarchi


Tell us about yourself.

Hi there! I'm Modie Shakarchi. I'm a self-taught gameplay programmer who specializes in C++ and Unreal Engine. What started as a hobby eventually became my lifelong dream of becoming a game developer. I realized that my previous job was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I took a leap of faith and quit to pursue my passion full-time. I've spent countless hours honing my skills and perfecting my craft, and starting a Computer Science Master's degree.

I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in the gaming industry. From designing complex game mechanics to creating stunning visual effects, I love every aspect of game development and take great pride in my work. As a self-taught programmer, I know the value of hard work and dedication, and I'm always eager to learn and grow as a developer. Whether I'm collaborating with a team of fellow programmers or working solo, I'm committed to delivering top-quality games that players will love.


Why did you decide to join the bootcamp?

I decided to join the Mastered skills bootcamp to upskill and chase my dream job as a game developer. For a long time, I had been pursuing game development as a hobby but had always dreamed of turning it into my full-time job. However, I realized that I needed to upskill and develop my knowledge further to achieve this goal.

Mastered offers a comprehensive program that taught me the latest industry practices, helped me hone my skills, and provided me with the hands-on experience I needed to become a successful game developer.

I was really excited to join the bootcamp, loved every single second of it and eternally grateful for the lifelong skills they have helped me improve to achieve my dream goal.


Gameplay of a game developed by Modie


What did you like the most about your bootcamp experience?

Weekly technical mentor meetings, and live creator challenges that mimic a real-world developer day, they don't just focus on technical skills but life skills and job searching skills to prepare you as an all-rounder, not just a coder. 


Tell us about your job search process. 

I searched online at studios I knew about as a gamer and saw what jobs were available. I applied directly as opposed to using recruiters and with the help of my mentor, Michael, I worked on my CV, and portfolio and ensured I was in a good position to put myself forward as a good candidate. Having someone to talk to on a weekly basis really helped and motivated me to keep applying. I got the inevitable 'no' from a few but also got quite a few invites for interviews. I was always excited to tell my mentor!


"Show off your code and know your code inside out because interviewers will ask you about it."


What’s your advice on building a portfolio that got you noticed by recruiters?

Make your website eye-catching, and focus on the particular field you are pursuing e.g. as a gameplay programmer, focus on the coding side of a project and the functionality of a game as opposed to how good it looks.

Make your website quick and easy to navigate so recruiters can go to your portfolio as quickly as possible. Diversify your portfolio, don't just show one type of game you can make. Make a couple of different games like FPS, TPS, pixel side scroller etc.


How important were networking and community building?

Incredibly important! Use LinkedIn as best you can, connect with recruiters and other game devs in your chosen field and connect with your fellow students. Go to events and introduce yourself to people, get their contact details or give them yours. Don't be scared to go out there and show yourself!


What helped you most during the interview process? 

Having my mentor Michael there to motivate me, remembering the meetings I had with my coach Adele and Gill. Everything they say and do to help I used in my interview process. 


What are your tips for creators looking to become games developer? 

Network, connect with other people in your desired job role, work on your portfolio (website and GitHub especially), show off your code and know your code inside out because interviewers WILL ask you about it. 


You can see more of Modie's work on his website and follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter. 



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