Meet Bruno Wilkinson, UI engineer at Omeda studio (alumni insights)

Bruno shares tips on what helped him make the career transition into games. 

Posted by Mastered on Jan 12, 2023



Bruno Wilkinson


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Bruno Wilkinson. When I joined the bootcamp I was a senior web Full-stack engineer. Now, I’m a junior UI engineer at Omeda studio, working on Predecessor using Unreal Engine.


Why did you decide to move from web development to game development?

I started programming to work in the game industry but at the time, web development was an easier industry to work in. So during the period when I was working as a full-stack engineer, I worked on games as a hobby to gain the experience to make the jump in the future, it was always on my horizon to move into games.


Why did you decide to join the bootcamp?

I joined Mastered to get the push needed to make my career transition. With my experience and hobby projects, I was looking for a way to capitalize on it, and this bootcamp seemed like a good option.


What did you like the most about your bootcamp experience?

The process is what I enjoyed the most. The help of mentors, career development sessions and being engaged with other creators helped me stay focused on my long-term goals and prevented me from getting off track.


The gameplay of a game developed by Bruno


Tell us about your job search process. What helped you keep up your motivation?

The job search process was the hardest part of the bootcamp, because it requires staying consistent even after many rejections, no answers or failed interviews. I had to remind myself that it’s a number game and that what I’m trying to achieve is important to me. Mastered helped me to up my game in many aspects and to look more appealing to recruiters by improving my cover letters, CVs, and networking.


What’s your advice on building a portfolio that got you noticed by recruiters?

When it comes to your portfolio, it is essential to make sure that it’s simple to navigate between each project and has a link to your socials (and vice versa, your socials should share a link to your portfolio).


Gameplay of a first-person shooter developed by Bruno


How vital were networking and community building?

In my scenario, I managed to land a job by using little of it. Still, networking and community building are helpful to understand and improve because it definitely increases your chances of getting a job.


What helped you most during the interview process? Did you do anything different from what you used to do before?

Leveraging my LinkedIn profile to get connected with recruiters, having a system for sending my application daily and improving my technical skills to be confident in the interviews.


What would your tips be for creators looking for the same job as you?

- Focus on a singular game engine.

- Leverage GitHub to showcase your coding skills.

- Have a portfolio of projects that are linked to your GitHub.

- Learn the programming language of the engine you are using outside the context of a game.


You can follow Bruno here: LinkedIn, GitHub, Itch


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