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Flexible online
Train online
Your pace, your schedule
First day
Mentor guided
Regular 1-2-1s
Start date
Job support guarantee
Until you are hired
Marian Newman
Pay when hired
We invest in you

XR programming skills, mentoring and career coaching until you get the job

The VR/XR industries are massively growing as we speed towards the metavere. Technical and creative talent is in short supply. This online bootcamp is designed to take and mentor you all the way to the first day of your new job. 


job openings 2019*


higher salaries than average*


growth in job demand*

*Burning Glass Technologies labour analytics report 2021

Your job is our priority

Traditional courses are about teaching you skills. This bootcamp is about getting you a job. We will help you identify the right roles and industry for you, personalise your curriculum, and support you until your first day in your new career. 

You pay when hired

Traditional courses are about teaching you skills. This bootcamp is about getting you a job. We will help you identify the right roles and industry for you, personalise your curriculum, and support you until your first day in your new career. 

No need to learn alone

It’s easy to access learning content online. We put a team of people around you to help with the hard part - structure, feedback, accountability, motivation, focus and human support.

Train in the industry standard

We are authorised training partners for Unity, Unreal and Autodesk. Our mentors are certified instructors and our bootcamp outcomes have been carefully designed with hiring companies and after analysing the real job market.


Your path to well-paid future XR jobs in creative industries

Unity or Unreal programming skills are your passport to success in the XR/VR industry. Whether you want to make games or tell stories; build immersive experiences or join a startup; work for an agency or in a software company; there are incredible job opportunities in the UK right now in virtual and extended reality.









Our unique Pay When Hired option means our aims and yours are the same - your job. We invest in your training, which means you don’t need to worry about money until you are on the career ladder.

Perri Lewis
Co-founder and CEO, Mastered

Your journey ahead

The bootcamp can be taken full-time or part-time and is designed to mirror the real workplace with shipping real projects, 1-2-1 feedback and a team to collaborate with. Split over two phases, first, you will build the foundational technical XR programming skills. Then, our team will support you to build your portfolio, develop your mindset and get an actual job. 


Phase 1 - Get the skills

(self-paced, minimum 12 hrs per week)

Based on your goals, you’ll be connected to an industry mentor who will assess your skills, create a personalised curriculum for your level, and agree a timetable and structure that you'll be accountable to.



Week by week, you will cover key aspects of Unity or Unreal engine. You'll have materials to work through at your pace, and regular meetings with your mentor to review your progress and get feedback.

You will only move onto the next level when you have demonstrated your competencies. We move at your pace, not our schedule.

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In your first month, there will be workshops and tasks to help you identify the roles, industries and companies that you are most suited for and give you the direction and focus you need.  

A chance for both parties to assess if this is a good fit. If it’s not right for you, your deposit back no questions asked. 

Through regular standups with peers, a private Slack group with access to a Technical Assistant, your own Success Manager and regular industry talks, we will surround you with a community to learn with and grow with.



Phase 2 - Get thejob

(average 3-6 months time)

You will carry on meeting your mentor - either weekly or fortnightly depending on your pace - to ensure that your progress remains on track.


Find your first job with support to write your CV and LinkedIn, prepare your portfolio, get ready for interview, and motivation to get the very best job not just the first job that is offered to you.

Hiring studios care about what you've built. We will help you collaborate in teams of programmers and artists to build real-world demos that will get you noticed by recruiters.

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When you’re ready, you will have the opportunity to take programming exams to show to prospective employers the level that you have reached and differentiate you from others. 



To be career-ready and to bring your whole self to work, you'll work with our mindset coaches, to improve your confidence, lift your ambitions, overcome barriers and find your purpose. 

Get ready for your new future. 

Meet the team who will be in your corner until the first day in your new career.

You will have 1-to-1 and group video calls, live online classes, personal feedback, technical help and emotional support from a team of people invested in your success. 


Entry requirements? Passion, purpose and commitment.

We're proud that over 5,000 creators from 95 different countries and every walk of life have been through one of our career accelerators since 2015. With our new 3D bootcamps, we want to continue this commitment to finding diverse voices and original talent who've been shut out for too long. Outsiders, misfits and changemakers need apply.

Alex Dawber
Alex Dawber
Alumni, London
Vanessa Cogorno
Vanessa Cogorno
Alumni, Hasselt
Sabina Hassan
Alumni, New York
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter
Alumni, Portland
Ksavi Joshi
Ksavi Joshi
Alumni, London
Ray Kay
Alumni, Seoul
Djeneba Aduayom
Djeneba Aduayom
Alumni, Los Angeles
Michelle Villasenor
Michelle Villasenor
Alumni, San Francisco
Nick Onken
Nick Onken
Alumni, New York
Matteo Bigliardi
Matteo Bigliardi
Alumni, London
Rayna Hernandez
Rayna Hernandez
Alumni, New York
Attila Kenyeres
Attila Kenyeres
Alumni, Berlin

We've made sure that finance isn't an obstacle for your growth

A career in VR/XR is your path to a good salary, creative work and a future-proofed career. We want you to be able to fund your future without worrying about making ends meet, which is why you have multiple options for you to invest in your career. 

All fees include: 

Course materials
1-2-1 support and calls with a technical mentor 
Live industry immersions and talks
Unlimited job search support until you are hired
Mindset coaching
Access to a private Slack group
Cost of professional certifications and exams
Dedicated Success Manager

Pay instalments
From £186/mth
Payable over 5 years
Pay when hired
£980 deposit
10% commitment fee
Pay upfront
Lowest fees

Monthly start dates

You can apply to join the bootcamp through the form below and one of our admissions team will set up a phone call to find out more about your goals and assess whether we can help.