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Learn from great women leaders.

A 20-week online leadership accelerator. Includes one-to-one coaching calls, video masterclasses, and a network of peers to join.

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Personal coaching
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For women and men

A new kind of leadership training for a new breed of leader

To thrive in today's fast-paced and uncertain world, we need a new type of leadership. Based on collaboration not competition. Trust not fear. Coaching not command-and-control.  

We’ve gathered together great women leaders from all over the world, who have been pushing forward this style of transformational leadership. They will help you master vital skills like mentoring, emotional intelligence and resilience.

Developing this new breed of leader needs a different kind of leadership training. This accelerator has been designed to put theory into practice, through a unique combination of one-to-one coaching, online videos, community events and digital tools. 

Everyone can learn from great women leaders. Starting now. 

An online leadership accelerator with one-to-one support, on your schedule

A powerful new
 learning method to turn theory into habits

It's time to stop reading and start doing. Through a mix of videos, coaching calls, and digital tools, this experience is designed to give you practical support with your daily challenges.

Insight from great women leaders who are setting the agenda

Hear from speakers who have been at the forefront of managing in industry today. More names to be announced.

Patty McCord
Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Author of 'Powerful: building a culture of freedom and responsibility'
Margaret Heffernan
Entrepreneur, CEO, TED speaker. Author of 'Beyond Measure' a manifesto for CEOs and managers

A new set of leadership skills for
 an evolving workplace

The accelerator will cover a range of practical topics to put into practice immediately.

The most effective, high-performing team members are the ones who bring solutions not problems, and who make good decisions on their own without you having to micro-manage. Learn vital coaching skills that will help you set your team on the path to do this.

Upgrading the way your team works together is the key to unlocking productivity for your business. How do you enable safe conflict? How do you ensure you’re hearing from different voices? We will share the collaborative practices that underpin great teams.

One of the greatest skills a manager can harness is learning to be vulnerable with their team, whilst maintaining credibility. Understand how authentic leadership is the key to getting your team to buy-in to you and their goals.

A burnt out manager is a bad manager. Review how you manage your own energy, so you can start to perform better without having to work longer or harder.

As a manager you need to be able to respond at speed to shifting priorities and competing demands. How can you manage the immediate challenges whilst still being strategic? How can you create a culture where it’s okay to fail?

For yourself as well as the people you manage, developing a growth mindset will change the way your team gives and receives feedback, how they take on new tasks and deal with setbacks.

From procrastination to imposter syndrome – discover the common challenges that every manager faces and find tools on how to overcome them.

Recognising, controlling and communicating your feelings are the key to building effective relationships. High EQ is crucial to building an environment of trust and psychological safety that underpins strong teams.

Leadership retreats

This learning experience could also include unique leadership retreats with others from your company. A place to find inspiration, meet mentors and colleagues face-to-face, and grow as a leader. 

One-to-one coaching to provide the guidance and support you need

Throughout the 20-week experience, you’ll have access to calls with a performance coach to help you stay on track.

Get your company to invest in great women leaders

Download the employer information pack

The pack contains everything you need to pitch this accelerator to the person responsible for your training.

Flexible start dates
Open to all teams
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"I have to admit I had never had such a wide range of support in such a hybrid program."


Sio Tsvetanov

Mastered alumni


"The videos have been really concise and clever. It gives all the right information in short sentences. Effective and straightforward, I love it!"

Julie Schimel

Mastered alumni

Yolanda Recinos.png

"It's refreshing to see people want to help you grow and be part of their venture!"

Yolanda Recinos

Mastered alumni


"One of the reasons why I’m excited about the Mastered Accelerator program is its holistic approach: skills, exposure, network, and mindset."

Hubert Cosico

Mastered alumni

Benefits for your company

Higher-performing teams

Help your managers create inclusive teams that get results

Improved retention and engagement

Invest in your managers so they invest
 in the company

Be a progressive employer brand

Show your forward-thinking approach to leadership

Drive lasting behaviour change

Embrace a new learning methodology that sticks


You will get one-to-one coaching calls (Skype, FaceTime or similar) with a performance coach who will be on hand to guide you through the whole experience. You will be able to book a time when it suits you and change coach if you want to work with someone else.

To get the benefit from this accelerator, you should be managing a team. This accelerator is focused on putting theory into practice. You’ll only get value from this if you have a team that you can work with to implement the learning.

This accelerator has been designed to not just fit around your work, but to support you in your day to day work. The video masterclasses are available on any device, whenever you need them. You book in coaching sessions to fit around your own schedule. This is not just a course - it's a resource.

This isn’t a ‘women in leadership’ course about the real challenges that women face at work, be it bias, pay gap, discrimination, or worse. This is about a style of leadership that is being led by women, that is valuable to men and women alike.

Yes, absolutely. We are already working with a number of brands to create custom classrooms and tailored programmes to spread this style of leadership through workplaces everywhere. Contact hello@mastered.com for more.

There is no pass or fail. This is a learning experience which will introduce new ways of thinking and new practices, combined with one-to-one. Think about it more as coaching than training. The value is the learning, the behaviour change, the mindset shift, and not a piece of paper.

Right now this accelerator is available only through companies funding places. Download our employer information pack and ask your boss to fund a place for you and your team.

Women can learn from men. Men can learn from women. The speakers we’ve gathered together for this accelerator have a transformational style of leadership that everyone can and should embrace.