Retail leadership: Mastered

Groundbreaking store manager training for a new era of retail

A 20-week retail leadership training for companies who want to improve team performance, engagement, and retention. This customised experience combines one-to-one coaching, video masterclasses and digital behaviour change tools. 

20 week course
Start on your timetable

Social learning
Global solution

Expert speakers
World-class insight


One-to-one support

A new kind of leadership training for a new breed of retail leader

Retail stores are facing unprecedented levels of change and threats. More competition. More demanding consumers. More difficulty retaining millennial staff.

To thrive, your stores need exceptional retail leaders. People who know when to coach and when to step-in; who are as good with storytelling as they are with numbers and operations; who have the energy, resilience, and behaviours needed to manage in these accelerated times. 

This kind of leader can't be hired easily. They have to be developed. Yet current training methods are outdated. They lack follow-up. They focus on delivering information and not lasting behaviour change. They struggle with engagement and scale. 

Retail leadership: Mastered is a new approach to leadership training, designed for a new breed of leader, operating in a new retail era. 


A powerful new
 learning method to turn theory into habits

Three ways to coach your team

The experience is designed to give your leaders practical, on-the-job support through a mix of one-to-one coaching calls, on-demand coaching videos, and digital coaching tools, all in one seamless experience. 


Insight from great leaders who are setting the agenda

Hear from those at the forefront of managing in industry today. During the accelerator experience, your managers will learn from speakers from a wide range of industries – fashion, beauty, retail, sport, technology and more. More names coming soon. 

Amy Merkel
Previously, VP of Retail Development Parfums Christian Dior, and Executive Director of Customer Experience at Chanel
Camille Fournier
Ex-CTO of fashion unicorn startup Rent The Runway. Author of ‘The Managers Path’

A new set of leadership skills and behaviours

The accelerator has been carefully designed to help your store managers go on a journey from an overwhelmed manager to setting the store agenda. 

It’s very easy for experienced sales professionals to become managers but not make the all important transition to step away from the day to day. Learn when to step in and when to let go of control.

Are you as a manager spending your time wisely? Get a clear framework to put into practice for yourself and your team so you can manage your busy schedule and feel positive about getting through your task list.

An operator tells people what to do. A coach helps people make the decision for themselves. Learn some essential coaching techniques and models, and get support in trying them out on your team.

Today’s stores are often a vast mix of generations, nationalities, and cultures. Understand what motivates this new generation of staff and how to get them to do their best work.

Hitting sales targets can seem an individual pursuit. But the underlying culture and collaboration between your whole team is key to lasting success. Get the latest techniques from enabling safe conflict to rewarding team success.

Learn techniques from advertising and film that help you sell the brand vision, store plan and sales targets to get the buy-in from your team.

Retail stores are difficult places to work. Everyday there are new challenges. Changing targets. Disgruntled staff members. Difficult feedback to give. Learn how the best deal with these issues and implement the advice to make your day easier.

With so much competition and so much change, stores can’t afford to stand still. Find out how to create an environment where your team feels confident and able to be entrepreneurial, whilst still operating within the framework of your own company culture and brand.

Everyone fails. Hear how others deal with setbacks and how to use their lessons to build your own resilience, and how to empower your team to take on their own challenges without fear and with a learning mindset.

One-to-one coaching

Every manager will receive one-to-one guidance and support through regular calls with a performance coach, to help them stay on track. Our executive coaches have a background in retail and combine commercial experience with social and developmental psychology to help leaders get the mindset and behaviours they need to succeed. 


Bespoke content and in-person events

From bespoke classroom training, to custom videos that reflect your brand and specific challenges, and help with internationalisation, we offer a range of bolt-ons to deliver a transformational experience tailored to your company.

Accelerate your leaders

Retail leadership: Mastered is a full-service solution including HR alignment, pre-program assessment, onboarding, content delivery, coaching scheduling, event logistics, delegate support and program measurement.

20 weeks
Flexible start date
10 to 1000 managers
Bulk pricing
Specific to your company


"I have to admit I had never had such a wide range of support in such a hybrid program."


Sio Tsvetanov

Mastered alumni


"The videos have been really concise and clever. It gives all the right information in short sentences. Effective and straightforward, I love it!"

Julie Schimel

Mastered alumni

Yolanda Recinos.png

"It's refreshing to see people want to help you grow and be part of their venture!"

Yolanda Recinos

Mastered alumni


"One of the reasons why I’m excited about the Mastered Accelerator program is its holistic approach: skills, exposure, network, and mindset."

Hubert Cosico

Mastered alumni

What your team will get

20-week core experience with one year access to materials

High-quality video resources with expert insight


Personal digital development journal


3 x one-to-one coaching calls for every manager


Regular check-ins from a dedicated engagement manager


Consultation with HR and onboarding for key stakeholders


Tracking and reporting outcomes



Everyone from assistant managers to store managers to district and regional managers have taken this course. Because it is built around one-to-one coaching and a choice of resources, it is effectively tailored to every individual and their own level.

This accelerator has been designed as a resource, rather than a traditional course. The video masterclasses are available on any device, whenever they need them. Coaching sessions are booked around managers' schedule. The reflections and exercises mirror the real work that any manager needs to do.

Your managers will get 3 one-to-one coaching calls (Skype, FaceTime or similar) with a performance coach who will be on hand to guide them through the whole experience. Alongside this, your team will have access to a dedicated engagement manager for regular check-ins by phone, email and text, who will be their personal guide and keep them on track.

We estimate a manager needs at least one day per month to look through the video masterclasses, to prepare for and take the coaching calls, and to reflect and consider their own progress. In most cases, managers are putting into practice what they learn on a daily basis.

The speakers your team will hear from in the video masterclasses have been handpicked from a range of industries and backgrounds, including former retail directors, TED speakers, futurologists, leadership experts, and behavioural psychologists. The coaches who will support your managers on the phone have long backgrounds in retail and in coaching.

The foundation of the experience is built on universal leadership principles that have been developed with academics, retail leaders and with our clients. The coaches and the engagement manager provide the one-to-one element, and they work in close collaboration with your learning and development teams. In addition to this we can create custom video content, bespoke classroom events and workshops, and international roll-outs.

Our clients tell us that in-person training, whilst a great experience, is hard to scale, requires time off the shop floor and travel, and doesn't create lasting habits. Meanwhile online content has global reach but doesn't engage and is more suited to sharing information than changing behaviour. Our method brings together the best of one-to-one with digital tools.

Most retail training focuses on service, brand and product knowledge. It's about pushing information to people as quickly as possible. This experience is about management behaviours, mindset and soft-skills. It is about turning theory into habits. We are experts in this area. Both types of training need to work together for either to be successful.

Over 4500 professionals from 95 different countries have done a Mastered course and we have hundreds of positive success stories and reviews. We also work with some of the biggest companies in the world and we'd be happy to provide client references.