The most advanced color education from Wella Professionals, now completely online.

Introducing the groundbreaking, fully online version of Wella Professionals’ famous Master Color Expert program. For the first time ever, and spread over five months, you will gain access to the highest possible level of color education, and be able to become accredited from wherever you are in the world.

Starts February 2019
Limited to just 200 colorists

Train with Wella's best
Industry-leading educators

£2200 per colorist
Finance plans available.

Access from any location
Online course with personal feedback

Get advanced color training. Offer new services. Win new customers. Gain staff loyalty.

This online course gives access to training content and personal feedback from Wella Professionals' top educators and master colorists, and is designed to help you become a leading salon in color, without ever having to leave the shop floor.

Over five months, you and your team will learn about delivering great consultations, salon relevant trends, the science of color, complex color journeys and how to deliver exceptional customer service. Successful completion of the course will lead to accreditation by the world-leader in color, happier clients and a bigger business.

How it works

Wella Professionals and Mastered have come together in this unique partnership to create a fully online version of the celebrated Master Color Expert program.

The five-month course takes place entirely online, so you and your team can learn without taking precious time off your salon floor. The experience includes video masterclasses with technical training you can watch again and again, practical projects to complete, one-to-one feedback on your progress, a community to learn with, and the chance to gain Wella Professionals accreditation to the level of Master Color Expert.

Color accreditation that pays

Through a series of exams, practical projects and accreditation calls with Wella Professional educators, your colorists could attain the highest level of color accreditation from one of the world’s leading professional hair care companies, which will help you retain and attract more of your target clientele.

Cutting-edge insight from the world’s top educators and master colorists

Your team will watch high-quality, easy-to-follow video content from Wella Professionals' top educators and master colorists who they’d normally need to fly across the world to be taught by.

They won’t simply learn color theory, customer experience best-practice, scientific knowledge and technical skills. Wella Professionals' educators will show them how to apply it to real-life situations to improve customer consultations, color application and - ultimately - your margins.

One-to-one mentoring and feedback on assignments

The backbone of this course is feedback from world-class color experts who are determined to help your team advance to the highest level of expertise. Regular project work will be accompanied by monthly feedback calls.

Plus, you will get access to Mastered’s in-house support team who are on hand to help you make the most of your investment.

Train anytime, anywhere

Master Color Expert materials are all available online, so your team can access them anytime, anywhere, on any device. The experience is designed to fit around their professional career and personal life.

They also get access to the course for life, so unlike an in-person workshop, your team can re-watch top educators at work again and again and again - forever.

Meet your world-class educators

You’ll get tailored course materials and feedback from top color educators who understand your challenges and are world-class experts and colorists. Meet them below.

Peter Dawson
Peter Dawson, European Color Director
Sassoon International
Abby Smith
Abby Smith, Art Director Colorist
Edward Darley
Edward Darley, UK Color Director
Sassoon International
Darren Lacken
Darren Lacken, Salon Owner
Crow St. Collective

Your year ahead

This Wella Professionals-accredited course will help your team become part of the elite of hair colorists from wherever they are in the world. This is what the five months will hold.

Master advanced color science and theory

Advance your knowledge of color to an expert level. Find a new lease of professional confidence by exploring in-depth the science and theory of the hair, scalp and artificial color. Only with this advanced level of knowledge can you truly make accurate and informed decisions, every time.

Achieve complex practical color journeys

Combine the science and theory with an advanced approach to practical application to be able to achieve complex color journeys that will delight your client and elevate your expertise within the industry and amongst your peers.

Lead confident consultations

Whilst most stylists believe they already provide an in-depth consultation, a recent poll revealed that only 2 out of 10 clients feel they receive a professional consultation. Take a deep-dive into consultations; understand personality types, learning styles, storytelling, advanced diagnostic skills and the six stages of winning consultations and more. Learn everything you need to win more trust and respect. Ultimately, push your consultations even further – delighting your clients and keeping them coming back, again and again.

Set goals that count

Define where you want to be in your career in 12 months time, and understand how you can use this advanced program to get you there.

Get creative with salon-relevant trends

Decode the latest trends with an analytical approach – empowering you to be inspired and apply your newfound knowledge of trends to your own original, current creative work.

Build your salon brand and business

Discover how your Wella Professionals education can deliver direct ROI for both yourself and your salon – through revenue, along with specific training on business, pricing and promotional strategies.

What previous Master Color Expert graduates have to say:


“Since MCE, I've seen tremendous growth as a salon group – our color revenue is 9 per cent up and, personally, I saw my  color revenue grow 26 per cent”

Brenton Lee

Master Color Expert


“Since I have become a Master Color Expert, clients have really noticed that I am becoming a lot more in-depth in my consultations and that I am able to give them the extra service.”

Alice Hands

Master Color Expert

"I feel like there's more of a craftmanship to my coloring processes and the possibilities really are limitless now."

Nathan Andrew

Master Color Expert

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